(Some instrumental scores are not yet on this site, but available thru Frog Peak Music).


3 Cello Tunes. Cello.

3 New Hampshire Songs. Choir
(bass, tenor, alto, soprano)
Title Pages

3 Translations for Electric Guitar (minmaj; rive; quasi-paralude x)
34 Chords (Christian Wolff in Hanover and Royalton)

3 Pieces for Bass and Psalterion
I. funquitood
II. Dismission (stretched)
III. doofunquitood
Title and notes

3 Pieces for Trombone and Tuba. For Matthew Barbier. 2011

3 Pieces for Two Pianos (and optional interloods). For Joe Kubera and Marilyn Nonken. Commisioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University. 2007

30 Rounds (macdowell diary). 31 rounds written at the MacDowell Colony in the form of a diary

4 Violin Studies (what do to when the night comes) for Jim Tenney. Solo violin. 1980.

5 Piano Haiku. Piano

8 fermentations (on a sketch by Charles Dodge). Two guitars. 2015-6.

9 events (quartet) for christian, doug, robert and me. Piano (melodica/percussion), percussion, bass, guitar. 2011

10 strings (9 events). Guitar and violin. For James Moore and Andie Springer. 2011

172 chords. Piano and optional other instruments

51 Melodies. for two electric guitars and rock band (or any two melody instruments, also solo electric guitar and rock band)
           Parts (Guitar 1, Guitar 2)

51 Harmonies (instrumental part). Three percussionists, electric guitar, live computer systems

!tearrimmedis. Tuba, trombone, and french horn (or any number of variable pitch instruments)
    practice files

a 5-measure valentine's rag for amy. Piano. 2018

abetoods (for solo violin) (tooaytoods #12). Four pieces for solo violin

al het (for the peoples of nicaragua). Voice and slendro gender/pelog gambang (one player). (Hebrew title)

Almost a quintet, (sounding) twice before gone, sadly giving up (8). Piano(s). For Sarah Cahill. 2006.

all things, beings, equal. Sax. (for taimur sullivan) (part of "all things..." series)
note on the whole series

another you (17 variations for solo harp in just intonation)

An Unhappy Set of Coincidences. Flute and bass; or solo keyboard; or low and high instruments

approaching the azimuth... Clarinet. (for matt ingalls) (part of "all things..." series)
cover page and notes
see all things, beings, equal

a pregnant pause for Jackie Humbert and David Rosenboom
           (copy with David's markings for Jackie's Lovely Music Recording)
Bedhaya Sadra/Bedhaya Guthrie. Clarinet, opt. gender and kemanak
Arrangement by Dan Goode. Original version published in Perspectives of New Music

במדבר (B'midbar) (Numbers).  Solo piano. 17 pieces, notes, and cover

canons and rounds (for Dither). 4-6 electric guitars. 2016. Premiered by Dither, w/Giacomo Fiore, The Stone, 2016.

catchaiku. Guitar and percussion (for Toon Callier and Jeroen Stevens)

The Casten Variation. For ensemble, or piano solo. 1993-4

Choir (Empi's Solo). Voice and computer generated tape. Co-composed with Marie-Pauline Esguerra.

Christian Music. PDF files of the four colored large cards, designed in collaboration with Laura Grey. Fronts and backs. (These are available from Frog Peak Music, or contact me if you'd like a set)
Christian Music. (2-part round). Pencil sketch for edition of 2- and 4- part rounds. 2006-7

cinderella. Flute. (for margaret lancaster) (part of "all things..." series)
see all things, beings, equal

Compassion. Electric guitar. arrangement of a Shaker four-part hymn

conjugation. Guitar and piano. For James Moore and Mila Henry. (2016)

days, weeks, months, years. Piano. (Jan., 2006)

edtoods. trumpet quartet
edtood 1, edtood 2,  etood 3
transposed versions (1, 2, 3)

עלה תולדות (E'leh Tol'd'ot) (these are the generations) (Cantillation Study #3). 1985-6. For William Winant. Four marimbas or four marimbas and computer commentary.
Dismission (pianotood). Piano (Dec., 2006)

Dismission (pianotood) 2. Piano (Dec., 2006). Two versions (regular, stretched)

Ensembles of Note (score)
special flute part written for margaret lancaster
flute partflute part (with written out pulse); flute part (midi realization)
slug companions (alternate version written for UCSC Contemporary Ensemble)
DANM Dance Band lyrics: Ensemble of Robot or Robots of Note (2014) (thanks to Kristin Erickson)

Essays for String Quartet
1. Don't You Hear the Lambs a' Crying?
2. v

3. יתגדל (Yitgadal), Yitgadal (rising)
Yitgadal and Yitgadal (rising) tuning charts
Performance Notes
Main Title Page, Individual Title Pages

five songs for kate and vanessa (vln, cello, piano)

for jim, ben and lou (3 pieces for guitar, harp and percussion)
      complete score
individual movements
Four Bass Studies (what do to when the night comes). String bass

Four Children's Songs. Text pieces. 1979

four doods (@ $6.25).
1. (monophony) for 2 clarinets. #2 (homophony) for 2 tubas. #3 (polyphony) for 2 accordions. #4 (heterophony) for 2 violins. 2010

Four Pedagogical Rounds for Dan Rockmore
i. prime numbers ii. wonderment iii. memorias (too much of a good thing) iv. intuitionism

Four Voice Canon #4 . Four marimbas (new edition, October, 2005)

Four Voice Canon #7. Gamelan
Generic score. (Simple 6532 score)
(on the Cold Blue recording, the tempi used are voice 1 = 60; 2 = 17/12 = 85; 3 = 29/12 = 145; 4 = 43/12 = 215)

Four Voice Canon #17 (guitar canon)

Four Voice Canon #22 (
יזכר (Yizkor) for James Tenney)
FVC #22a. Six trumpets
FVC #22b. 12 brass instruments/players.
    Title page and notes
FVC #22c. Eight violins

Four Voice Canons (general)

freeHorn. (Java software and notes on the piece)

"...getting rid of the glue..."
. Classical guitar

glass (see Psaltery, below). 1978–9

Hensley Variations
. Flute, viola, guitar

הtood. Piano. 2007, rev. 2011

hocket for percussion quartet. 2009

hojas nuevas. Piano. 2010

Horn. French horn, tape (or live electronics)

iiiisiv joan (tooaytoods #14). Piano. Title page
    practice midifiles for "joan's recent visit..."

ii-v-i .  Two electric guitars.
Performance notes; alternate solo version (by Giacomo Fiore)
iiivxii (tooaytood #13). cellos and winds

ivt. One or two pianos. for Sarah Cahill

ivtoo. Multiple guitars or guitar(s) and taped guitar(s)

jargon. 12 cellos and winds.

k-toods. Two pianos or piano 4 hands
1. Growth Spurt 2. Tween 3. Not in this house! 4. Baby Pictures 5. One thing at a time
(One thing... example, One thing... example midifile)

Ladies Auxiliary
. Large ensemble. (Bb melody part, chords part). Notes and title

lissatoods. solo trumpet

Little Maggie. solo violin

Lonesome Road (The Crawford Variations).
Solo piano

מ׳׳ן רצפלץ (Mayn Rue Platz) (My Resting Place) (The Schneider Variations) solo refretted guitar

Miwakatood. Violin and small percussion. title page and notes

Movement in E Major for John Cage
. Violin and piano

Movement for Andréa Smith. (My Funny Valentine for just string quartet). 2 violins, 2 violas.

Movement for Lou Harrison. (for just bass quartet). Four string basses. (Graphic version)

Neighborhoods of Note.  Suzuki pianists. (This piece is an early "version" of Ensembles of Note)

Now My Dear Companions. 
Voices, flute/piccolo, clarinet, trombone, percusion, electric guitar. One of the Five Shaker Songs

(number piece). One minute work as part of the Cage100 Party Pieces Project. (2012)

old paint. Solo piano

. Four computer composed pieces. Poojatood (tenor sax), tooguitartood (two classical guitars), sunday organ piece for church (organ), noratood (accordion).

Ontslaan (toontood). For 4-5 electric guitars. For Toon Callier and Zwerm. Premiered, Belgium, April 2009.

Pardalotes, eucalypts, and lerps. Five rounds on texts by Sarah Lloyd.
Pardalotes, eucalypts and lerps
True Bugs
The Smallest and the Lightest
Pardalotes, eucalypts, and lerps (together)

Pedagogy. For six singer/guitarists. (round, part of "Two Belgian Rounds"). (see Toon and Jutta Live in Antwerp)

Perception, a round for piano and signers (ASL)

Piano Study #1 (for Carl Ruggles)
Piano Study #2 (March in D)
Piano Study #4 (Et Morphogenese)

Piker. Solo piccolo, or solo wind

Psaltery. Score originally on 24" x 36" vellum. 1978-9 (includes instructions/title for glass (see above), version of Psaltery)

(p)safety. Solo piano

Psalms 131 and 138. (Entrance/Exit) Soprano, flute, trombone, gendér, mandola. Wedding music. 1985

Quartet in F For Paula Ravitz. Piano, viola, clarinet, trombone. (May also substitute tuba for trombone)

Roads to Chimacum
. For string quartet, or mandolin quartet. 1992

Rounds (miscellaneous) (this is incomplete, also see rounds page)

a "col" viiits (for Daniel Goode's birthday)
! ['bang"] (2012) (for corky)
! ["bang-delta"] (2009) (for michael byron)
1/16/13 (2013) (for beals)
1 tishri 5780 (2019)
(for Paul Nauert) (2016)
3x17 (2012)
4-part round for laura steenberge (2 voices, 2 basses, 1 person)
עב (ayin bet) (2016)
aggadic midrash (16/Nisan/5773)
alacrity (2013)
alarum (2013)
a mode(l) of limited transposition (Beals' sixth round) (2016)
anti-war round, anti-war round (II). (First is from B'midbar)
así es (2016)
bald top (2016)
bassoons across nebraska! (a meander) (2014)
beals' lament !8! (at 7) (2018)
beautiful armenian luck from fresnoid seatbelts (for Charles Amirkhanian's birthday) (2020)
big shift! (for anna) (2012)
biographical dictionary entry (for michael byron)
A Birthday Round for Dan and his family (2005) (for Dan Rockmore)
border crossings (2015)

בוקר. for sarah lloyd's birthday, 2010
borland street para-culinary report (2009) (for judith tick and steve oleskey)
clarification (2016) for paul nauert and clara
call and response (fall, 2013)
census (feeding frenzy) (2012)
כל יומ (col yom) (every day) (2013)
#[DoWhat?AllYes/No?(ok)Back]  (an ASL loan sign round for signers in 5 parts)
The Dan Factor (2006) (a timely permuation round in slendro for daniel goode)

יום רביעי (day four) גימטריה
יומ חמישי (day five) לפיוי
detritus haiku
echolalia (9/4/14)
ימי (eemee) for the Experimental and Early Music Ensembles, UCSC. 2 versions: 4/4, 7/8
emoroundicon (round with compassionate hocket)
entreaty (see what to do?)
epigrammatic epithalamion (wedding round for Linnea and Noah) (2015)
extra innings (a round in two parts and two speeds) for david mahler (2009)
exuberance (for lise johnson)
חנוכה Rounds. I. מה זה (What is hannukah?) II. נה (Lament)
historical events (for ben and caroline)
hurry home
Kites in the meadow!
leap second
locoRhythmicana. (an 8-part round for Nora Jacobson)
long playing (a decadent round for lauren pratt) (4/7/14)
los angeles
lullaby for beals. Originally written on the door to beals' room at douglas repetto and amy benson's apartment (pix). midi file
Lullaby for Luca
lullaby for lucia
Lullaby for Sofia
miscommunication (Thanksgivukah round #1 (of 1)) (12/2/13) (vocaloid realization by Kristin Erickson)
moving day
music 206
נגן (nagan) for Michael Parsons
the natural order of things
new year's day at joe's (a catch)
יום רביעי (night four) גימטריה
no longer (just) HRH
(a neotitular 6-part round in celebration of Sarah Lloyd, on the occasion of her being awarded the Order of Australia Medal)
notable exception
octochordal injunction (1/10/20)
the old 100 (+5a)
One Day in Toronto (an epithalamian). (lyrics by Jody Diamond)
one more day
one more song for amy, kate and vanessa
prosperity (for mike winter) (4/30/13)
q.e.d (a birthday round) (8/13/15)
quinceañera habanera (2/10/16)
rhyme, no reason (1/1/20)
righteous dudette
sage advice!
santa rosa
Saturday, August 4th, 2012 (recording by Adrian Chi Tenney)
scarlet tanager (2008) (for amy charlotte benson)
self-reflection (a 6 part pedagogy)
shell game (7/4/2013)

שיר נוסף                
      (4/15/14, 16 Nisan 5794)    
shopping list (9/24/19)   
singular accomplishment!

 הסופ היום (ha'sof hayom)
something to sing about (12/7/17)
stating the obvious (3/14/13)
A Thank You Round (with ground bass) in seven parts for the Runnemede 3-4 Class of Ms. Janet Sweezey
Three Lowland Rounds
to do list (catch) for dan and ann
tofurkey rounds:
explication, a celebratory round) (2005);  yet another round on the subject of tofurkey (2006); in re !tofurkey (2007); another perspective on tofurkey (2008); ornithology (2011)
toon and jutta live in antwerp (two singers/harpist and guitarist) (2009) (part of "Two Belgian Rounds," also see Pedagogy)
transcontinental warren
trigger warning (birthday round for David Dunn)
two hannukah rounds (announcement & query; land of plenty)
two more hannukah rounds (austerity; all chet (ח) up)
User's Manual for RAZORCAKE
vii"d"vi (birthday round for George Marsh)
viiity (3/8/14)

 ומרו (v’im’ru) (and enjoin) for Bob Gilmore (2015)
visibility report
vit (alternate, simpler version) (for nora jacobson) (2012)
the way down east
y o y o y o (for mike seeger) (2009)

Rounds on texts by Sarah Lloyd
an accounting (for sarah lloyd) (2010)
common things (2011)
grunt, honk, whistle or quack (2009) (and the Central Field North Naturalist's site, and Sarah Lloyd's sound project)
a skink just snuk across the floor and skinks are never wrong (2009)
common things (2011)
leave logs for frogs!
Are Your Platypuses Healthy?
Fungimap. A round in four rounds (with underground chorale) (on a text by Lloyd et. al.)
Don't Tidy Up! (Version 1, Version 2)
It's Difficult Not to Love a Pelican
two slime mould rounds (2010)
what to do? (also see entreaty)
reasonable expectations (2012)
tympanocryptis (2012)

New York Rounds (2009)
the antipodes (2 gotham rounds)
broome street bar
hinterlands and accompaniment
hudson ecclesiastical view
new york life

Cohase Rounds (29 rounds, written in Fairlee, VT) (2017)

I-80 Rounds (9 rounds, written on x-country trip, Santa Cruz, CA -> Fairlee, VT) (2018)

Five Ostrava Rounds (confession; sisterhood; halda; clumpiness; 329)

Sacco, Vanzetti. Soprano, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, guitar. Arr. of Ruth Crawford piece (soprano, piano).

         Written for New Music for Plucked Strings ensemble, and published in New Music for Plucked Strings, Frog Peak Music. 1985
Sacco, Vanzetti, new version of the score (2019)

Sascha's Song (for the peoples of Chile). Instrumental/tape version. Score. Clarinet, trumpet, horn, trombone, violin, bass.

שמע Sh'ma: Fuging Tune in G. Flute, alto flute, violin, viola, cello, bass, percussion.
Cover Page and Performance Notes
This is the new edition made by Dennis Kitsz and myself. Parts.
This piece was originally published in Soundings 11, edited by Peter Garland. Original manuscript.

Simple Song (agnosia). Piano and voice. 2010

Six Declarations. Clarinet and speaker

snakey snake
. Haegum and live computer (or other solo melody instrument). 2017.

Songs and Toods, 5 pieces for the Lou Harrison National Just Intonation Guitar (or conventional guitar)

Steinmehrhund. Solo piano

String Quartet. 3 movements

Study for Milwaukee Blues (three tap dancers, or three percussionists) (1986)
Notes (tif, pdf)
Score (tif, pdf)

tetherball. 6 percussionists (or any six performers)
Book I
Book II (Title, notes, and frengelmusics)
Book II (continued) II
The Time is Now. Text by Melody Sumner. Voice, clarinet, flute, viola, guitar, bass (1987)

Three Monk Tunes. Tap dancer and percussionist

The World's Longest Melody (ensemble)
. Electric guitar, bass, drums, and optional soloists

Three Rimbaud Settings. Soprano and percussion.

tooaytoods 1-11. solo piano (two arranged for el. guitar duet; and #6 for el. guitar quartet)
(#3, 5, 7, 9 arranged for electric guitar quartet by Toon Callier)

tooaytoods 17, for string quartet.
Complete Piece
Individual pieces:  a, b, c, d, f (for clabar lorence), g (for cat lamb).

toovviivfor. Electric guitar quartet

tritune. (3 pieces). Two electric guitars. Commissioned by Kobe Van Cauwenberghe and Matthias Koole. 2013

Two Can Float as Cheap as One. Piano.
              1997 edits, a few corrections on the score

Two Children's Songs. Tuba and trombone; or two bass winds; or any two melody instruments.

Two Minute Warning. Solo trumpet. (for ed carroll) (part of "all things..." series)

Ucross Rounds (with Amy Beal) 22 rounds

Veditz. Solo percussionist/ASL interpreter and film.

vfty. Trumpet canon. Trumpets, or winds.

ולמשל (V'leem'shol). Five flutes

וְיַעַל (v'ya'al) (and he ascended) for nine pitched instruments. For Steven Miller. (non-coincidental canon). 2014 (parts)

Will You Miss Me (solo version; transfer harp and untrained voice). (Some higher-rez, cleaner copies)

Will You Miss Me (ensemble: flute, bass, just harp, untrained male voice)
Performance notes and errata
Yitgadal. 1. ascending viewpoint (for Bill Colvig). 2. descending viewpoint (for Lou Harrison)
9 Instruments (violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, oboe, trumpet, piano, harp, percussion). Score and parts.