program notes

[Program notes for various concerts, specific pieces, etc,]

pieces (alphabetical order)

3 New Hampshire Songs (choir)
al het (for singer and gender/gambang, one player)
another you (17 variations for solo harp in just intonation)
An Unhappy Set of Coincidences for Richard Myron (flute and bass, or various instrumentations)
astrophony (multi-speaker tape work written for the Astra Choir)
Bedhaya Sadra/Bedhaya Guthrie (solo version)
במדבר (B'midbar) (Numbers) (solo piano). Short notes. Longer notes (full concert program)
Casten Variation (program notes for sally pinkas performances)
catchaiku (guitar and percussion)
Choir/Empi's Solo (tape and singer), co-written with marie pauline esguerra
cinderella (for solo flute)
eine kleine gamelan computer music (with daniel goode)
Ensembles of Note
Fve Piano Haiku (for solo piano)
for jim, ben and lou (harp, guitar percussion)
four anna studies
Four Bass Studies (what to do when the night comes) (can also be used for Four Violin Studies (what to do when the night comes) (for Jim Tenney)
four voice canon #7 (gamelan)
four voice canon #8 ("nerve canon") composed with ray guillette
four voice canon #9 ("anna canon")
frog peak collaboration pieces (only some of these pieces appeared on the fp collaborations cd)
iiivxii (tooaytood #13) (for 12 cellos and winds)
ii-v-i for two electric guitars, or solo electric guitar
jargon (for 12 cellos and winds)
killing time (software, performance with douglas repetto).
Movement in E major for John Cage (violin and piano); (notes for New Musics Works Concerts, 2017)
(number piece) for chamber ensemble, one minute work for Cage100 Party Pieces Project (short compositional explanation of the piece)
Piano Study #5. Recent notes written for Andrew Smith's performances of the work (2014 ). Notes. Shorter version of the notes.
piker for solo piccolo (program notes for bonk festival premiere, and later revised for Microfest 2014)
Quartet in F for Paul Ravitz
172 Chords
she is full of patience
shma: fuging tune in g
skempton arrangements (program notes for concert in london by dartmouth students)
songs and toods
tetherball (for six percussionists or six musicians)
!tearrimmedis for tuba, french horn and trombone, or any number of variable pitch instruments
Three Anna Studies (for tape)
Three Pieces for Two Pianos
to foster and encourage (Anna Study #4), tape. Commissioned by the American Music Center.
"Twickenham Stomp" from Three Monk Tunes
viiivvi. For flute, violin, cello, percussion, piano, clarinet. Commissioned by Ensemble IPSE.
v'leem'shol (five flutes).
v'ya'al (and he ascended), for nine instruments. For Steven Miller. Notes on the piece for Steve's memorial.
will you miss me (notes written for Microfest, 2014, adapted from 2006 article for 1/1: The Journal of the Just Intonation Network
ldgty (yitgadal) 1. ascending viewpoint (for Bill Colvig) 2. descending viewpoint (for Lou Harrison) (and shorter version)