to foster and encourage

(Anna Study #4)


Larry Polansky



Commissioned by the American Music Center

Siday Music on Hold Project


Voice of Anna Diamond Polansky



to foster and encourage (Anna Study #4) is a 1.5 minute work in four sections, each using a different heterophonic technique. The text is taken from the American Music Center's website, including their mission statement, which begins with the words "to foster and encourage." The piece is "about" plurality, multiple directions, various paths. And why that sounds good.


The second section uses a signal-processing technique I designed and helped implement (with Tom Erbe) in the program Soundhack, which normalizes time-variant time-expansion/contractions. I call it the "crowd effect." The third section, in a kind of homage to Henry Cowell, is another kind of heterophony, this time harmonic. Many versions of Anna's voice are gradually glissed into a large, harmonic-series chord. The first and last sections are informally composed, and no processing is used on Anna's voice.


to foster and encourage was realized at Dartmouth College. Thanks to Travis Garrison for helping with the original recordings.