Four Voice Canon #9b(6:7:8:9)

("Anna canon")


for tape

4 minutes long

Larry Polansky

Four Voice Canon #9 is a set of short tape pieces made using five vocal sounds of my four year old daughter Anna as the source. FVC#9 is a set of mensuration canons in the manner of my eight previous Four Voice Canon s (1975-present), and is composed using my computer language HMSL (co-authored with Phil Burk and David Rosenboom). FVC #9 uses HMSL to generate a Csound score, which is then used in conjunction with Soundhack to create the canon. The Csound score is for one voice only, and the canon is a strict one of pitch shift and time compression. Each of the four versions is the same, except for the duration/pitch (superparticular) ratios used for the four voices, which are: a: 4-5-6-7, b: 6-7-8-9, c: 8-9-10-11, and ø: the golden mean.

Larry Polansky