for solo flute

for margaret lancaster

cinderella is written by computer in the computer language HMSL. The fundamental idea of the composition is that three probability distributions (a kind of Gaussian, a harmonic series, and a uniform) are cross-faded continuously over the course of the piece.

cinderella is the fourth in a set of pieces written with this software. So far, this set includes:

all things, beings, equal (saxophone; for taimur sullivan)
Approaching the azimuth... (clarinet; for matt ingalls)
two minute warning (trumpet; for ed carroll)

cinderella may be played as a solo, or as a duet with all things, beings, equal (on alto saxophone).

An intention in writings these pieces was to have a simple, coherent and powerful software tool for generating several modular works that are in some interesting sense, clones.The title for the flute piece may be understood in a number of ways, one of them philatelic.

My appreciation to composer Charles Ames, whose work and thought along these lines has been a wonderful inspiration to me. (HMSL is written by myself, Phil Burk, and David Rosenboom)

Larry Polansky
Lebanon, NH
December 22, 1998