Eine Kleine Gamelan Computer Music

Daniel Goode/Larry Polansky

(1980; computer version 1995)

Eine Kleine Gamelan Computer Music is a live computer realization of Daniel Goode’s wonderful process piece Eine Kleine Gamelan Music, first written for his ensemble Gamelan Son of Lion, but also performed frequently by many different ensembles, as well Goode himself on solo clarinet. I had always loved the intelligence, eloquence, humour and richness of this one page score, and during a collaborative residency at P.A.S.S/Harvestworks in New York City with Dan, I wrote a live interactive version of the piece which "realizes" the piece, making decisions in more or less the same way performers would. Dan and I have performed this new version a number of times, and a CD-length recording is in process.

The software was written in HMSL, and is available in the public domain as a stand-alone application (with manual and score) at my website (along with a number of other free MIDI applications, including the children’s music software Anna’s Music Box):