(tooaytood #13)


for 12 cellos and winds


Larry Polansky


for dan


iiivxii is the latest in a series of two-second pieces I call the tooaytoods. #1-11 are for piano (and alternately arranged for two electric guitars), and #12 consists of four pieces for solo violin.


iiivxii plays with a notion I've used in a set of computer written pieces called the onceatoods: each "possible" note is played once. In this one, the cellos split up some version of the available range, and are asked to play just a few specific notes anywhere in the 2 second span. The winds have a similar role. As a kind of strange companion piece to jargon, each cellist is asked to retune her instrument more or less randomly, so that no string on any given cello is likely to be the same intonation as the same string on another cello.