Flexible Orchestra
Directed by Daniel Goode

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April 30th, 2004, Washington Square United Methodist Church
AnnTrack (premiere)                      Daniel Goode
to brush up on (1976)                    William Hellermann
         Exercise X (1993)                           Christian Wolff
         AnnTrack (reprise)                         Daniel Goode


April 29th, 2005, St. Peter's Episco
pal Church
jargon                                                   Larry Polansky

iiivxii (tooaytood #13)                         Larry Polansky
(last 2 seconds of jargon recording)

Palisades                                             Michael Finckel

for cellos, flute, trombone, concertina, gamelan soloists

Simoom (1988)                                    Lois V Vierk
for eight amplified cellos
Running on the Beach                        Peter Zummo
(1977; arr. 2005)   
for trombone solo and 12 cellos

AnnCela Express                                Daniel Goode

AncCela Express Coda (reprise)

April 28th, 2006, St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Elements (for Tenney)                   Christopher McIntyre

Annbling                                         Daniel Goode

Exlasega                                         Barbara Benary

Last Judgement (1969)                  Frederick Rzewski

Flexible Fantasy on Experimenting With Household Chemicals
                                                Peter Zummo


October 12, 2007, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, New York City
October 14, the Tin Ballroom, Hudson, New York
The Surgeon's Photograph               Jim Fox

Economies of Scale                             William Hellermann

Subtle Winds                                        Monique Buzzarte

Annbling (2)                                          Daniel Goode

Flutes Plus
October 10, 2008, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, New York City
Tuba                                                 Daniel Goode

Hasibrari                                          Skip La Plante

Bottle Game (2 versions;, 1 2)       Skip La Plante

Angels and Devils (1931), I, II, III   Henry Brant


Flutes Plus (2nd Year)
October 16, 2009, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, New York City


Monochrome V for Eight Flutes (1986)                  Peter Schickele

Night Soliloquy (1936)                                             Kent Kennan
solo flute: Karl Kraber  (arranged by Robert K. Web)

Felice's Solo                                                             David Wechsler

Tuba Thrush (2)                                                        Daniel Goode

i wish i could draw a dragon                                   Lembit Beecher

for viola and flute choir

just another 12-tone piece                                      Philip Corner

Emergent Behavior                                                 Jordan Nobles

Ghosts                                                                      Kamala Sankaram

French Arithmetic                                                             Daniel Goode

Spinning Jennie                                                                Guy Klucevsek

Cutting an Easy Song                                                     Jody Kruskal

Four pieces by M Simoncic
(Note: all four Simoncic pieces are in one mp3, in the order below)

Festival del Amor                                                            

Misterio Amante                                                              

Bailes en la Calle                                                            


Adagietto-ed                   Daniel Goode

        Second Moon                 Kamala Sankaram


        Accordingly                    Barbara Benary

        Suite for Accordion and Flexible Orchestra
(five pieces)
                     Guy Klucevsek

F.O Poland 2012
Wroclaw, Poland, July 15, 2012
Robert Kurdybacha, conductor
Pieces by Goode (AnCela Express), Hellermann (To Brush Up On), Polansky (Jargon), Wolff (Excercise X)
(See previous concerts for scores by Goode, Polansky, Wolff and Hellermann)

Ocean of Europa (score)               Mateusz Ryczek      

F.O.12  2012 (NYC))
Clarinets Plus

October 25th, 2012, Ukrainian Restaurant, New York City

fo 2012 picture

F.O.12  2013 (Roulette, NYC)
Clarinets Plus

October, 2013

fo 2013 picture

  F.O.13 2014 (Ukrainian Restaurant, NYC)
Violas Plus
October 9th, 2014
Composers: Goode, Johnson, Sankaram, Curran

       F.O.13 2016