Miscellaneous recordings, videos, works, writings by other people

Archived recordings (mp3s), writings, videos, etc., alphabetical by composer
(All  recordings on this page are for general use, posted by permission).

Barbara Benary
Barang I, II, IV  Downtown Ensemble Concert, LP, fretless electric guitar, Daniel Goode, clarinet. NYC, 4/17/00.

Nick Didkovsky
Lottery Piece
Video made by Jody Diamond, Mills College, April, 1990. Only performance of this work. 4 networked Amiga computers. ND, LP, Phil Burk, Robert Marsanyi.

Charles Dodge
3 Canons for Larry (#1) (2007)

Daniel Goode
Eine Kleine Gamelan Computer Music, Spheris Gallery, February 2008. Hanover, NH. LP, guitar and mandolin; Doug Perkins and Nathan Davis, percussion; Kristina Wolfe, bass, Beau Sievers, computer. Video by Jody Diamond. Larger video image.

Flexible Orchestra website

Lou Harrison
    "Slippery Slendro" (photocopy)

Jim Horton
Frog Peak Cassette Collection
This set of 3 cassettes was available from Frog Peak Music for several years, and the masters are now digitized and archived onto four CDs (mp3s posted here). Some of this material was used on the Arifact CD of Jim Horton's music. A complete set of these CDs has been donated to several libraries.

Kenneth Maue
Rollmag issues.

David Mahler
Two Voices
Downtown Ensemble (DM, LP, voices; Dan Goode, cl., Margaret Lancaster, flute). Dartmouth College.

5  songs (LP, guitar, mandolin, and arranger on some of them). Archives of the old Wind-Up Music Cassettes from the late 1980s (including my favorite waltz, Elvis is Watching You)

Melodie Michel
Birthday Haiku for lp (2018)
Ron Nagorcka
Clarinet, flute, trombone, fretless electric guitar and mandolin, sampler and didjeridu.

Colluricincla Harmonica
Two samplers, fretless electric guitar. This is a track off Ron and Sarah Lloyd's Rhythms of the Tarkine book/CD project. LP, guitar; RN, sampler 1; Hans Meijer, sampler 2.

A Dusky Lullaby for Zoe
Sampler and fretless electric guitar (RN, LP, rec. 4/22/07), originally for flute and sampler.

one.source: HMSL

Pauline Oliveros
Computer music collaboration done by LP, with Pauline, done at the Mills CCM in the prototype of HMSL (this site includes the old recordings, and a newer Max/Msp version made by Masaki Kubo at Dartmouth). Scot Gresham-Lancaster also collaborated on this piece.

Michael Parsons
Talea 5
Live recording, Tangents Guitar Recital Series, May, 2014. LP.
Terry Pender
Four Voice Canon

Dirk (,) Rodney
Quasi-Paralude #7, trio arrangement with LP, Nathan Davis, Ha Yang Kim, Dartmouth College, November 2005.
La Noche Que Durissima. 22-minute tape work. (aiff). mp3 version.
CD cover and tray card for La Noche Que Durissima

David Rothenberg
Trio. Clarinet, trumpet, cello. Mills Contemporary Ensemble, 5/8/85. [Unsure of who some of the performers are,  Janet Finkbeiner, trumpet; LP cond.]

Frederic Rzewski
Coming Together and Attica. Performed at Dartmouth College, 5/22/1975. Transferred from trk. stereo, 7.5 IPS by Doug Pomeroy. Performers:  Bruce Coughlin; Jeff Dimmerman, clarinet; Don Glasgo, trombone; Malcolm Goldstein, violin; Doug Kubach, alto saxophone; Richard Lavenda, cello; FR, piano, speaker; John Symer, oboe; Bernie Wittels, electric bass; Christian Wolff, flute.

Carter Scholz
An Economy of Virtual Knowns. Sam Torrisi, clarinet.

Ruth Crawford Seeger
scans from the 1987 Mills Concert  (the cover page and concert order, not the booklet of notes).

Live performances from the New Music for Plucked Strings group, a concert in Santa Cruz, 1/26/86. Includes pieces by LP (Hensley Variations, Crawford Seeger arrangements), Alexis Alrich, and Larry Simon.

James Tenney
Septet for six electric guitars and electric bass. Performance by Dither, w/Nick Didkovsky, Devin Maxwell (bass), Dan Josephson, and LP (conducting). Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY, 6/11/10 (also see Leonardo Music Journal recording below)

Francisco Varela
"A Calculus for Self-Reference." 1974. Old copy.
Christian Wolff
Another Possibility, for solo electric guitar. Performed by LP, at Spheris Gallery, Hanover, NH, Nov. 2010, on "Way to go out" series.

Quintet. For Robin Shulkowsky, Joey Baron, LP, Robert Black, CW. Performed at Roulette, Dec. 2009. Roulette TV. Concert also included "another possibility for solo electric guitar" (perf. LP) and "Look, she said" (perf. Robert Black)

Exercise #16. Duet with LP (Lou Harrison Just Intonation National Steel Guitar) and Ha Yang Kim, cello, Dartmouth College, November 2005.

For Prepared Piano. 1952 peformance by David Tudor, Princeton University. Archived off a "one-shot" acetate recording.

Exercises. Performance at the Kitchen, NYC, 5/26/1974, by CW, Frederic Rzewski, Garrett List, David Behrman, Arthur Russell, John Gibson. Archived from  from trk. stereo, 7.5 IPS by Doug Pomeroy. Also includes two songs: "Wake Up" and "In South Wales.".

Out-Take. Video by Jody Diamond. Christian Wolff, piano/melodica; Doug Perkins, vibraphone; Robin Hayward, tuba; LP, guitar/mandolin. 11/14/07. Dartmouth College. Large. Small.

Leonardo Music Journal #7 (New Compositional Intentions)
Selected works from that CD (several are guitar pieces):
This CD is difficult to find. An introductory article on this CD was published in Leonardo Music Journal #7. Original CD sleeve.

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