New Music for Plucked Strings
Santa Cruz performance, 1/26/86
lp, director
(polansky, archival performances)


(These pieces are all in the Frog Peak anthology called New Music for Plucked Strings)

(dub from cassette, 2/05)

Palm Boulevard, by Alexis Alrich.
1985. Alexis (piano), LP (mandolin), Dan Kennedy (?), marimba (Willy Winant also performed the piece with us several times, and is the percussionist on the Opus One LP release of this piece).

Three Electric Guitar Duets, Larry Simon.
(1979 and 1984). LP and Larry Simon, electric guitars. "Darkness at Tiffany's", "Breakfast at Noon", and "Major Rathbone's Safari" (though I'm not sure they're in that order on the recording...).

Two Ruth Crawford Seeger songs ("ricercari")
Chinaman, Laundryman, arranged by Alexis Alrich.
Sacco, Vanzetti, arranged by LP
This group was Alexis (troubadour harp in CL, conducting in SV) LP (mandocello), Dana Rath (mandolin), and Paul Binkley (mandola), Doug Hensley (guitar), Susan Narucki (soprano).
(There's another recording  of these pieces from the 1987 Mills RCS concert.)

Hensley Variations, LP
1985. Flute, viola, guitar. Doug Hensley, guitar, John Casten, viola, Kenneth Cramer, flute (possibly Carol Ade, who also played it several times). There are two versions of this piece, which was usually performed twice in succession. Before the second one, I believe John Casten (or maybe it was Ken) gives a little intro.
Hensley... 1
Hensley... 2
(There's another recording of this piece, from the Opus One LP release  here).

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