Christian Wolff: For Prepared Piano
Pierre Boulez: 2 ieme Sonate  

David Tudor, piano

Track 1: Wolff
Tracks 2-4: Boulez

LP 33 1/3
Recorded at Princeton University, 10-26-52
Procter Hall, Grad. College

Transfered to digital by Doug Pomeroy.
Original record a single copy aluminum (acetate) disk, probably a transfer from reel-to-reel tape.
From the archives of Christian Wolff, via Larry Polansky.

This is a rare, "one-off" recording. The Wolff piece is posted here by permission of Christian Wolff. There is no noise reduction, or any "cleaning up" of the file whatsoever. The original LP is stored away, and several copies of all four tracks have been burned to CDs and given to various libraries and scholars.

aiff file of the wolff (large)