a compilation of works by various composers
produced by Jeanne Parson

Side A

1 — 3. Levels of Complexity (Jeanne Parson)
4. Foggy Visions (Stefan Schramm) mp3 wav
5. Aurora Consurgens (Steven Everett) mp3 wav
6. Stormy Tuesday (Andreas Miniestras) mp3 wav
7. Filter_Class (Steven Miller) mp3 wav
8. Mechanical Life (for Mark Trayle) (John Bischoff) mp3 wav

Side B
1. Sunspots (Steve Curtin) mp3 wav
2. A Wet Day for Harry (Andy Bridle) mp3 wav
3. Interference (cranked and crammed) (Nicholas R. Didkovsky) mp3 wav
4. Popular Phonetics: Cliffs & Streams (Carter Scholz) mp3 wav
5. Point to Point (Thomas Miley) mp3 wav
6. Study for 'Zones' (David Rosenboom) mp3 wav

Cassette label and notes on the pieces.
BandCamp version of this page (thanks to Nick Didkovsky)

Original produced and distributed by Frog Peak Music (A Composers' Collective) (1990)
Thanks to Scott Makson, UCSC, for assistance in digitizing the original cassette master.

(lp, 12/2/18)