Other Pieces

Always move towards the hoop and go up strong. Tuba

short piano pieces
freeHorn canon. Documentation from a performance, 6/30/06, for 10 trumpets, fretless el. guitar, computer.

Horse Turds and Roses. Flute, piano accompaniment.

Prayer Without Words. Any instruments, 3 part piece, originally written for cello and two voices (Zae Munn and Peter Jermihov, Zae played cello and sang)

jazz tunes
Beat Me Mikey, 5 to the Bar. Piano. Kid's piece (advanced).

Canons. Graphic score or sketch (?). Undated.

Dance of the Tombstone. Dance piece (1978?). Title omitted on copy.

Departure. Short choral piece, with tuning "comma" markings. Text by Rimbaud. 1978.

A Very Slow Lament for Solo Oboe which Happens to be 51 Measures Long (1976)

et morphogenese II. (general instrumental version of the original piano score; an "unnumbered" four voice canon)

Fifty Miles of Elbow Room, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, untrained male voice. 1978.

Five Piano Haiku, handwritten manuscript

Riddled and Ragged, piano

steppin' out. for male and female dancer. For Mark Haag and Ann Rodiger. (1978)
little songs (with piano)
Sylvan Bop. Swing tune, and piano arrangement (2017)

"Sweet Betsy from Pike, Interlood," single verse guitar duet to be used in versions of an RCS piano arrangement

Rounds (mine, other people's)