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Sweet Betsy from Pike
LP, National Just Intonation Resonator Guitar ("Lou Harrison" Model); Nora Jacobson, accordion and voice.
Lyrics from Ruth Crawford Seeger's 22 American Folk Songs collection.
Privately issued recording.
(and a lo-tech video by Jody Diamond of a performance, at the end of a long party at our house, by Nora and I, way before we recorded it, which features a cameo appearance by Lily)

Carry Me Long (mix 1)
Carry Me Long (mix 2)
some experiments made many years ago (1983, Mills) with the Stephen Foster tune "Carry Me Long.".
Dana Rath, mandolin, vocal. George Brooks, saxes. LP, arranger, guitarist, harmony vocals, mandolin, piano, toy piano, percussion.

Chief Dave's Major Mojo
Situation Normal All Funked Up

And On the Seventh Day Take Five
I Got a Woman (Ray Charles, arr. lp)

Bossa Nostra
demo tape of jazz/funk/fusion tunes made for nyc saxophonist dave macdowell, 1980? my tunes, my arrangements, me on guitar, dave on sax, rich myron on bass, and some other terrific musicians. ( there are three mp3s, the first two have two songs each)

multiple recordings of arrangements of Sweet Sue