other people's scores
(and writings)

updated 10/2/18

some rounds
by David Mahler, Fredric Rzewski, me, Ann Obery, Dennis Kitsz, Ron Nagorcka, Sandeep Bhagwati, Warren Burt, Daniel Wolfe, Dirk (,) Rodney, Jody Diamond, Daniel Goode, Mark Stewart, Joel Ford, Shakers (courtesy of Mary Ann Haagen), Marguerite Boland, Nick Didkovsky, Ann Snitow, Kyle Gann, John King, Cyntia Magistro, Ezra Sims, Dean Rosenthal, Johanne Heraty, Philip Corner, students in my intro. to music theory class at Dartmouth, Adam Silverman, and others. A book of these rounds is available from LP (by request).

Máté Balogh

Barbara Benary
Barang II, IV
Johanna Magdalena Beyer (some miscellaneous manuscripts)

Ivor Darreg
Prelude in Em for 19-tone Equal Guitar
Prelude for Guitar with 19 frets per octave

Jan Cameron
Two Rags: Plaisanterie or "Rag Facile" (for LP); Sans Issue, or "Existential Syncopations" (for LP and Gary Schmidt)
Ruth Crawford Seeger
22 American Folk Songs. Some excerpts from the mss.

Kenneth Gaburo
The Beauty of Irrevlevant Music. (now unavailable) Book. Scanned by Warren Burt from Lingua Press edition (this is also on the Frog Peak website with an intro. by Warren)
Maledetto (now unavailable). Score. Scanned.

Daniel Goode

Lou Harrison

Philip Corner
gamelan vox
for guitar
David Mahler

dirk (,) rodney
ailments, fruits, presidents
for solo mandolin
edited by Tyler "Speedboy" Kingdom
Thomas Peterson

Peter Brody Plonsky

David Rothenberg
Trio. Clarinet, trumpet, cello. Early 1980s. Marked up conductor copy

I Wayan Sadra
Terus dan terus
Mike Winter
after eons (based on ensembles of note)

Laura Steenberge
Shadowing (page 1, page 2)
James Tenney
Harmonium #2 (original version for two guitars)
Timbres #1 (1969; for four instruments, recently discovered mss.)
Known mistakes in James Tenney available scores (page prepared with the James Tenney Estate)

workers songbook (first) (three pages)

Lois V Vierk
Io (score, parts, click tracks) (may not be most up-to-date revision, see Frog Peak)