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Miscellaneous performances, recordings, tape pieces, older pieces, etc.

(scores, program notes)

10 strings (9 events).
Guitar and violin (for James Moore and Andie Springer)
video of performance at Roulette, 2013

solo violin. two of the four, atood and btood, performed at Cal Arts, 5/9/05, by (Erik Clark and Johnny Chang respectively). Concert of "one-note pieces" curated by Mike Winter.

al het
for singer and percussionist, playing Central Javanese gender and gambang

Another You
(solo harp). Recorded on Simple Harmonic Motion (Artifact CD), by Alyssa Hess

An Unhappy Set of Coincidences

Approaching the azimuth...
solo clarinet. Recent (2005) recording by Sam Torrisi. One of the four pieces in the "all things" series (including all things, beings, equal (alto sax), two minute warning (trumpet), and cinderella (flute).

Bedhaya Sadra/Bedhaya Guthrie
Anna Robinson, french horn; Pak Djoko, gender; Hirotaka Inuzuka, slentem; Jessica Ross and Tyler Yamin, kemanak. April 7th, 2010. Cal Arts. Arranged by Anna Robinson for fr. horn from the Goode/Polansky version of this piece (solo clarinet, gender, kemanak

rbdmb  B'midbar (Numbers)
Rory Cowal, UC Santa Cruz, second performance of the complete piece, April, 2012. Three sections (video). 

Christian Music. Craig Shepard/Mark Broschinsky (trombones), Brooklyn, NY, Music for Contemplation Series.  5/3/14

Dismssion (piantood, stretched). Duet version, Amy Beal, piano; LP, fretless e. guitar. June 6, 2012, UC Santa Cruz, "Beyond Frets" concert.

Duchess Bridge. electric guitar.
Made for the $100 guitar project. Dec/Jan 2010-11.
AIFF and mp3 format.

Eine Kleine Music Project
Two versions.

Eleh Tol'd'ot (עלה תולדות) (These are the generations...) (Cantillation Study #3)
(four marimbas, optional electronics)
Recording of premiere (and so far, sole) performance at the Rote Fabric, Zurich, Switzerland, 1994, on a two concert Portrait Festival of my music.
LP, electronics

Ensembles of Note
Performance by the UCSC Contemporary Music Ensemble, Amy Beal, director, 2003.
Ensemble OffSpring
NMC Charleston, March 13, 2011, Josh Brogan, director
Flavio Virzi (guitar, objects) and Sonja Horlacher (flute, objects) 12.12.2013, Palermo, festival "Il suono dei Soli"

for jim, ben and lou
Third piece: "The World's Longest Melody ('The Ever-Widening Halfstep')" for lou harrison
chaotic moebius, Estelle Costanzo, harp; Julien Megros, percussion, Flavio Virzi, guitar
u-mitte, Basel, 10/18/2011
(This piece is recorded in full by Toon Callier, Jutta Troch, and Jeroen Stevens on The World's Longest Melody, New World Recordings.)

Four Bass Studies
Performance in Finland, 1/20/15, by Eero Ignatius.

Four Voice Canon #9 ("Anna Canon"). Four versions

Four Voice Canon #16b
Alternate (formally backwards) version of the "Canon in One Octavie for Arthur Farwell" that appeared on the Cold Blue CD (16a). See the Four Voice Canon page for more info.

Four Voice Canon #2
Very early, unreleased canon. See the Four Voice Canons page for more info.

Performance by Toon Callier and another guitarist, Ghent, Belgium (Logos Foundation), April 2007.
Another performance (Moorhead State, with myself on one of the guitar parts)

Study for Epitaph (stereo).
Stereo study for the four channel piece Epitaph (Four Voice Canon #21) (tmfg) 2006. Written for Third Practice. (aiff file, 4 minutes long). An improved and remixed version of this appeared on my CD The Theory of Impossible Melody, New World Records.

version for live computer, fretless electric guitar, violin; David Dunn, violin; LP, guitar; recorded in performance at the College of Santa Fe, April, 2004

Trio version, performed with Odd Appetite (me, Nathan Davis, Ha Yang Kim), Dartmouth College, November, 2005
Trio version, Mills College, Feb. 2012, CCM Staff Concert. LP (fretless), Krys Bobrowski (horn), Giacomo Fiore (LH National JI guitar). Three different computer versions running together.
Quntet version, UCSC, April 12, 2012, April in Santa Cruz. LP (fretless), Krys Bobrowski (horn), Giacomo Fiore (LH National JI guitar), Ma'ayan Tsadka, accordion, Amy Beal, piano.
solo version, Giacomo Fiore, video, on Lou Harrison JI National (2012)

Hensley Variations
flute, viola, guitar, 1985
Copy of the original Opus One LP recording (117), from around 1986. Kenneth Cramer, flute, John Casten, viola, Douglas Hensley, guitar. The Hensley Variations score and parts is published by Frog Peak Music. (Live performance of the same piece, in Santa Cruz)

Holding Patterns for George Marsh
Concert by George Marsh, with LP guitar, UC Santa Cruz, Nov. 2014.
Part 1: Logrhythms for David (for David Wessel; tape, drums, guitar);
Part 2: Lecture/performance by George on drumming history; 3) Blues (drums, guitar); 4) Holding Patterns... (by LP, joined by Ittai Rosenbaum, piano).

Horse Turds and Roses (flute and piano)
Tara Boyle, flute; Rory Cowal, piano. Cal Arts. Spring, 2008

12 cellos, winds. Commissioned by the Flexible Orchestra. Live performance of the premiere, April, 2005, NYC. Also included is the cello tooaytood at the end, iiivxii. The score and more information about this piece.
Performance by the Flexible Orchestra, Wroclaw, Poland, Ossolinieum, 7/15/2012, Robert Kurdybacha, director

Tobin Chodos and Ittai Rosenbaum, April in Santa Cruz, April 20, 2012. Premiere. Video

Killing Time
lp, douglas repetto. java/jsyn electronics, light sensors, who knows what else. Live performance at Cal Arts, January, 2000. Some extra time at beginning. douglas has a note about this performance on his site.

For Javanese gamelan. Gamelan Lipur Sih, Jody Diamond, voice, LP, gender. An arrangement of "The Golden Vanity" for gamelan, which was performed a couple of times in 1991. This performance was at the Sheffield, Vermont, Town Hall, on Malcolm Goldstein's summer pot-luck concerts, July 26, 1991. score

Lonesome Road
"Opening" (Variation 1) used in a video in an unusual way
Roulette Performance, 4/95, by Thomas Bachli, Urs Eggli, and Martin Christ (1st, 2nd and 3rd section respectively). Thanks to David Weinstein for finding this recording and making it available to me

LP Retirement Concert, UCSC, 6/7/19

Movement in E Major for John Cage
David Abel, violin; Julie Steinberg, piano. April 16, 1990. Mills College.

Night Hunter (film by Stacey Steers, score by LP)
Video tour of "dollhouse", an installation based on the film, with sound extracted from the film

Piano Study # 5 (for JPR), for just fender rhodes.

Piker (materials) (the piece is recorded by Margaret Lancaster on New World Records)
Sam Torrisi's graphic representation

Practice "tapes" (mp3s) for "You're a Piker"
Practice "tapes" (mp3s) for "Daughter of Piker" (tempi: 60, 90, 120, 144)
Practice "tapes" for "You're No Piker" (tempi 85, 60, 120) (.7 sec per beat, 2.5 min; 1 spb, 3.5 min; .5 spb, 1.75 min)
Practice tape notes for "Daughter..." and "You're a Piker" (PDF)
Note: Mike Winter has also done a practice version of the middle movement as a stand-alone computer application.

Quartet in F for Paula Ravitz

Performance by the Downtown Ensemble, 6/7/90, NYC. Daniel Goode, clarinet; Peter Zummo, trombone; Joe Kubera, piano; (?, viola).
This piece was originally written for choreographer Paula Ravitz in Toronto, in the 1970s, and has been performed a few times since. This is a very quietperformance at the Greenwhich House House.

The first performance of the piece, in a slightly different version (the piece was later revised in a number of ways), June 23, 1978, at the Toronto Composer/Choreographer Workshop, York University. Conducted by Adam Gatehouse, Carlos Maranda (piano), James Stephens (viola), Joan Herlihy (horn), Paul Hodge (clarinet). This is a dub from a cassette of the first performance, with the dance by Paula Ravitz going on at the same time.

Riddled and Ragged

Performance by the New Kanon New Music Ensemble, Bard College, April, 1981. Arrangement by me (and Gary Schmidt, the composer and pianist in the group) of my piano rag, for flute, mandolin, piano, bass. Performance a bit sloppy (especially me, on an old mandolin), but energetic. This piece was usually the group's encore.

Sacco, Vanzetti  (arr. LP)
Chinaman, Laundryman (arr. Alexis Alrich)

Two arrangements of Ruth Crawford Seeger "songs", (often called the Two Ricercari) for plucked string ensemble and soprano. The group included LP (mandocello), Alexis Alrich (troubadour harp on CL and conducting on SV), John Imholz (guitar, SV), Dana Rath (mandolin), Paul Binkley (mandola), and Susan Narucki, soprano. Live performances from the March 28, 1987 concert I curated of Ruth Crawford Seeger's music. The arrangements are  recompositions (the vocal line is the same as the originals). Both are published in New Music for Plucked Strings, Frog Peak Music. This ensemble gave a number of performances of these pieces in the Bay Area in the mid-1980s (also: Santa Cruz Performance).

Sascha's Song (for the peoples of Chile) (1976) tape piece

[mv (Sh'ma) (Fuging Tune in G)
flute, alto flute, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, percussion (and harmonica).

Performed at Mills College, April 24, 1982. David Rosenboom  (conductor), William Winant (percussion), Amy Radunskaya (cello), others. Dub of cassette copy of live performance. This is the only one of two performances of this work (the second in NYC, in 2008), written in 1976, published in Soundings 11.

songs and toods. Excerpts, versions of Sweet Betsy... and Eskimo Lullaby, 4/20/15, Tom Pauwels (guitar) and Liesa Van der Aa (singer/violinist), theatrical version with violin and electronics

steinmehrhund. Solo piano. Commissioned by the Beethoven Festival Project, Chicago, Summer, 2013 (and premiered there).
Performance by Jeff LaDeur, UC Santa Cruz, April, 2014.

Stochastic Studies #1, #2, #3
Three short FM based computer composed studies done at CCRMA around 1975 or 1976. Simple motivic development algorithms, some FM instruments designed for working with aliasing, etc.

Sweet Betsy from Pike
LP, Lou Harrison National Just Intonation guitar; Nora Jacobson, accordion and voice. Arrangement of the tune using Ruth Crawford Seeger's collected lyrics, a kind of "extemporaneous" version related to one of the movements from songs and toods. Fall, 2005.

tetherball 1
tetherball 2 tetherball 3
frengelmusic hocket
tetherball I tetherball II
tetherball III
tetherball VIII
tetherball IX
tetherball XI
(Also performed on this concert were the 5 Shaker Songs, some of Christian Wolff's Excercises, and a Barbara Benary duet for fretless guitar and clarinet.)

tooaytoods (piano) realized on a diskclavier, by kyle gann (who entered the first few into sibelius from my original pencil scores). the first 12 (piano, some guitar realizations) are available from frog peak

(the numbering may have changed for these pieces in the published version. these recordings were made by kyle in june 2004, in his office at bard college). There are now morepieces (including the four abetoods, and iiivxii for 12 cellos and winds, and guitar arrangements by Toon Callier)

live performance (premiere) of tooaytoods #1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, by Reiko Harigaya, Dartmouth College Festival of New Musics, April 26, 2005.
live performance of the complete first "book" (1-11) by Kentaro Noda, Japan, Fall, 2006, and on YouTube
live performance by philip thomas, 11/24/09, Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield, England as part of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. (Note, the tooaytoods are at the very end of these audio files, preceded by some of Christian Wolff's Small Preludes)

toovviivfor (four electric guitars) Video of a performance by Toon Callier's group in Belgium, 2007.

Toyoji Patch (with phantom flute)
Toyoji Patch (with actual flute)

tetherball (1, 3, 9, 2 (no break between)), WIU Percussion Ensemble, Richard Cheadle, cond.
Five Piano Haiku, Michael Campell, piano
Bedhaya Sadra/Bedhaya Guthrie (clarinet, gender, kemanak), me, Molly Paccione (cl.), with Paul Paccione and John Murphy (kemanak)

Recorded live March 8 and 9th, 1999, Western Illinois New Music Festival, Paul Paccione director. Molly is the only other clarinetist besides Dan Goode to play Bedhaya... (which is on my Artifact CD Change), and thanks to Roger Vetter for lending us the gender. The version of Tetherball is very nice, and spirited. Performers on Tetherball:  Josh Duffee, Brad Feeny, Jerry Stanford, Brian Koch, Kevin McNulty, Jake Zantout: percussion.

3 New Hampshire Songs
William Brooks, director, York Music Index, York, England. Recorded at the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York, June 20, 2003. A studio recording of Doggerel (Four Voice Canon #12) was released on the Cold Blue CD of my four voice canons.

Chris Clarino, percussionist/ASL interpreter, video of premiere, UC San Diego, 2018

lvmlw  V'leem'shol (And to rule...) (Cantillation Study #1). Five flutes

Anne LaBerge, flutes. CDCM Computer Music Series CD, Volume II, The Virtuoso in the Computer Age.

Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone, solo version
Voice and Harrison-Colvig transfer harp. The transfer harp is tuned in a 17 tone to the octave 13-limit tuning.
This performance is from around 1978, University of Illinois. It is  quiet because the piece is itself  quiet, and the recording was made from the back of the hall. The first half is all transfer harp, the second half the song.

This is an early solo version of the piece, which later became an ensemble piece (see below) for untrained voice, transfer harp, flute and bass (and has since been performed in that way a number of times). This solo version was only performed twice, once as a kind of guest lecture for Ben Johnston's class in tuning at the U. of Illinois, and the second, documented in this cassette recording, at a small recital at the U. of I.

It is an arrangement of the well-known Carter family song, and this performance is re-dedicated to the late composer Herbert Brn, who happened to be sitting quite close and directly in front of me while I sang/played this over twenty years ago (a  vivid memory).

Scanned manuscript (4 pages).

Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone, ensemble version

Performance by the New Kanon New Music Ensemble, Bard College, April, 1981. This piece was performed many times by this group, but this may be the most reliable recording. For transfer harp (me), untrained male voice (Gary Schmidt), bass (Dan Thomas), flute (Patricia Mundy). Andy Newell was the fifth member of this group. (Score available from frog peak).

improvisation with Will Guthrie
filmed by Nora Jacobson, May 9, 2008, at Antoinette Jacobson's house in Norwich, Vermont, during a video shoot for Feed the Beat TV

improvisation with Luke Fowler
LP, fretless electric; Luke Fowler, homemade instrument and analog electronics; Fowler's studio, Dartmouth College, May, 2013

3 improvisations with George Marsh (LP guitar, GM drums) 11/15/15, Santa Cruz

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