arranged by Larry Polansky





















for gender, voice and gamelan instruments






Balungan and gender cengkok

(arr. L. Polansky, 1991)

for gender, voice(s), kenong, slenthem, gong



6    3    2    1)      6    3    5    1)

I. 1/2 tum 3   1/2 kk1                                            1/2 tum3           1/2 kk1

II. kk1                                                       kk1

III. DB1 or tum5 kpy.                                           DB1 or tum5 kpy

6    3    2    3)      1    1    6    6

I. tum3                                                                      gt1                            gt6

II. kk3 (high) or DK3                                              gt1                            gt6

III.  Putut semedi                                                   gt1                            gt6


2)  6    5    (3)

I. 1/2 jk6         tum3

II. tum3

III. tum3

(Note: cengkok names from my book on beginning gender playing, available from the American Gamelan Institute)

Gender introduction: mbalung


1. There was a mighty ship, and she sailed upon the sea                               gender mbalung freely

And she went by the name, of the Golden Vanity                                              all other instruments tacet

And she feared she would be taken, by the spanish enemy

And they'd sink her in the lowlands, in the lowlands

They'd sink her in the lowlands, low


2. Then up jumped the cabin boy, and boldly up spake he                          gender: irama tanggung

And said to the captain, what will you give to me                                          add slenthem

If I swim alongside, the spanish enemy

And sink her in the lowlands, in the lowlands

And sink her in the lowlands, low.


3. He said I will give you silver, and I will give you gold                                  gender: irama dados

And my fair young daughter, will be yours to hold                                            slenthem, slight variations

If you swim alongside, the spanish enemy                                                             add gong and kenong

And you sink her in the lowlands,...


4. Well up jumped the cabinboy, and overboard went he                             gender: irama dados w/variations

And he swam alongside, the spanish enemy                                                   full gamelan

and with his pick and auger, he made him(self) holes three                        add voices on final lines

And he sank her in the lowlands, ...


5. gender solo, wilet, one complete verse...

(w/all other instruments)


6. Well captain, oh captain, please take me back on board                          gender: irama wilet

For I have been just as good as my word                                                            (all other instruments in till last verse)

and I swam alongside, that spanish enemy                                                                        

And I sank her in the lowlands,...


7. Well this said the captain, to that brave cabinboy                                               gender: irama wilet

Oh never, oh never, will I take you back on board                                                   gender panerus enters

And you and my daughter, never will that be

For you'll stay here in the lowlands,...


8. Well up spake the cabinboy, and captain, said he                                              gender: irama wilet

If I didn't love your daughter, just like the enemy

I'd take my pick and auger, and captain you would see

That I'd sink you in the lowlands,...


9. But he turned his back on them, and swam away did he                     gender: mbalung

He swam far away, from the Golden Vanity                                                 all other instruments tacet,

And he sunk himself down, to the bottom of the sea                                  except for final gong...

And he drowned in the lowlands,...