Lois V Vierk: Io


(These are "legal" size pdf files. The marimba plays page 1 of score, the rest from part).

(cover page, back page, legend, parts legend) (many of these are msword files, best to download, not try to view in the browser)
updated, 3/31/07

Click Tracks (Io)

Part 1 (w/pre-roll) (mp3)
mm. 1 - 22, quarter = 50
midi version

Part 2 (w/ pre-roll) (mp3)

mm. 23- 231, quarter = 72 (no diminuendo to G)
(Sections A - F)
Part 2, tempo = 60
Part 2, tempo = 66
midi version

Part 3 (no pre-roll) (mp3)
m. 231 to end (Section G)
midi version

There are two versions of the click track given here. MP3 files only play the meter: downbeat, number of beats at the score-designated division. Midi versions may be loaded into a score editor (such as Finale or Sibelius) and edited to change tempi, subdivide selected measures in different ways, loop or excerpt passages, etc.

 I've posted these  as an aid to helping other performers learn this important piece. Thanks to Yuri Spitsyn for making the click tracks.

(lp) 1/16/07