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Sandeep Bhagwati
          All That We Owe (Year End Round 2012)
New Year's Round 2007
Rules & Regulations Canon (2010)
Year's End Canon 2010
Year End Canon 2011

Marguerite Boland
A Thought in the Round

Warren Burt
Neurological Testing Canon

James Cahill
What's A Comin' In? (Shen Hua)

Dan Coenen
Cows Take a Vacation

Carson Cooman
A Birthday Canon for Kevin

Philip Corner
Another haleluja
"A not so simple round in C"

a simple Round in C
a simple Round in C (Dummy version)
Cannon Canon
Canon: The Lawless
Color Code
cross my heart
Feeling aRound
"from Gertrude Stein"
Howlin' Wolfs
I love you (1-3)
"I said yes to my Yang"
Law Full
"Never show you're angry"
On D
Peace, be still (1-13)
Pro Layshun
A Round in Response to Larry ("Don't get me start-ed a-gain")
Round around is a round Round

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
Ze Wudka
Cat Down!
An Fold-In Round
Fold 1, Fold 2, Fold 3
Commissioned from Dennis Kitsz as part of his "We are all Mozart" project, 2007. This round is too many pages for the "Little Round Book" (print version), so
is only available on the website.
Nine Lessons from "Flatland." Commissioned from Dennis Kitsz as part of his "We are all Mozart" project, 2007.
Full score. Midifiles of melodies, score. Booklet version.

Ruth Crawford
When, not if!

Jody Diamond
Joking Around

Jody Diamond/Daniel Goode
E-Train Round

Jody Diamond/LP
One Day in Toronto (an epithalamian)

Nick Didkovsky/Mark Stewart
Dead Bird

Joel Ford
Be Free
Song A

Kyle Gann
Useless Round

Eli Gilbert
         Three four-voice rounds

Daniel Goode
Barry's Catches

Johanne Heraty
A Round for Lily

Gail Jennings
Villagers All This Frosty Tide

John King
Round, for 3 groups of singers

Sean LaValle
Diametric Correlation

Jodie Mack
yard work is hard work
pizza party!

Cynthia Magistro
 Three Rounds

David Mahler
21.2 Inches, 24 Hours
A B.A.
Ada's Lullabylingual Flip-Flop Haiku Canon
Agnes R. Vetter
Air (round for Ma'ayan Tsadka)
Another Cruciverbalistic Monday
Another Night at the Belgian Restaurant
At the Counter
Billy Taylor's Glasses
Buffalo Bill's WIld West Show
Carving the tofurkey
Christening Round
Conflict Averted!
Crescent City
Department Head Lullaby
—Doubles— (3 birthday adage rounds)
Dressing Up
Ellen's First Birthday Round
End of the Line?
Fanfare for Jim Tenney
Fanfare: PA H.S. Gridsters Salute You!
Feckless Mullions
First Born Child
Flight 24
Flying Colors
Found Conversation: Riding Metra Chicago
Found Conversation: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Frog Peak Promotional Rounds:
             #1 Frog Peak Jingle, #2 Decisions, Decisions, #3 Originals, #4 Staff Affection, #5 Let's Face It
Gathering Round (remembering Tom Peterson)
Gene Chandler's
Gospel Benediction
Got Well Soon!
Great Name
Ground Round
Handy Round
In Lilyan Minor
joint round (with lp)
Jo's Motel
Len Eisenhood
Like Home
Long Way Home
Lost at Sea Chantey
Mantra: "Lazy Bum."
Marching a Round
Monroe, WA
The Morning After
New Rustic
New Year Oblation
Not Too deep
Now What?
NY Times Correction, 8-29-11
Old Saw
One Round Fits All
Polking Fun (a Thanksgiving round)
Post Season Wrap 2006
Ralph Jackson's Farewell
Rivers All Around
Round a la Mode
Round Dance
Round Dinner Time (lyrics page 1, lyrics page 2)
Round Grace & Sofia
Round Pittsburgh
Sanpoil Round
Second Story
Shine Like a Star in the Morning
Shoutin' Tofurkey
Signs of the City
Something Different
Southern Hospitality
Spinning. A round
Squirrels Go to Work
Sweet Garden Dreams
Utah Phillips' Remarks to the Fourth Grade Class
Vertical Mobility
Well Adjusted
West Sider
What Are We Waiting For!
What You Can Do
Why we sing

Ron Nagorcka
A round in Trondheim
Hush, sleepy Tom
I Love Beets

Ann Obery
A Round for the Baskers

Chris Peck
A Vocal Repertoire of Asian Elephants
Butter Makes it Better
New York Summer
Shark Versus Jefferson
What a Pleasure

douglas repetto
whadaya 1252?.(Original copy is laser-etched in wood, this is a version on paper).

Rodney (,) Dirk (edited by Tyler Kingdom)
3 Rounds: Dirk's Lamentation Over Liverpool; Arsenal (precise cosmothrowny); What is a composer?

Harold Rome
Round for May Day (from

Dean Rosenthal
Our Gazes

Frederic Rzewski
No More War!  (an 8 part round, August, 2005)

Adam Silverman
Higglety Pigglety Pop! (lyrics by Maurice Sendak)
The Witch Doesn't Live In The Crusts of Bread (lyrics by Susan Gubernat)

Ezra Sims
7 Rounds ("brief glimpses into contemporary french literature" by Davis Stacton) for 4 countertenors and piano

Ann Snitow
Saturday Morning

Laura Steenberge
Heard from a Little Bird

Mike Winter
round from reCitatiOn, COde, and (perhapS) rOund
welcome round for larry

Daniel J. Wolf
A Gnomic Round

Christian Wolff
Round for Chris Newman (#15 from Microexercises)

wulf rounds (rounds written for recording project by the wulf, in los angeles, winter/spring 2012)
possible round(s), Casey Anderson
four 3 and, Jessica Catron
Momentum, Carolyn Chen
Rhythmic Round, Eric KM Clark
Your Storm, Daniel Corral
Yucatan Round, James E. Klopfleisch
3 Desert Haikus, Adrian Chi Tenney

four shaker rounds (transcribed by Mary Ann Haagen)
Change Parts (vocal excercise, 1859, Enfield, NH)
How Peaceful and Happy (8 parts, Enfield, NH)
Round in Three Parts ("The lord will comfort...") (Hancock, MA)
Round in Three Parts ("Let us endeavor...") (1873)

me (lp)
1/16/17 (2013) 3rd birthday round for beals
3x17 (2012)
30 Rounds (macdowell diary). 31 rounds written at the MacDowell Colony, in the form of a diary
a birthday round for dan and his family
alacrity (2013)
an accounting (for sarah lloyd)
anti-war round, anti-war round (II)
Are Your Platypuses Healthy?. Text by Sarah Lloyd
the antipodes (2 gotham rounds)
a skink just snuk across the floor and skinks are never wrong. Text by Sarah Lloyd
!∆ ["bang-delta"]
! ["bang"] for corky
big shift! (for anna) (2102)
biographical dictionary entry (for michael byron)
rkb for sarah lloyd's birthday, 2010
Borland St. para-culinary report (2 part round for Steve Olesky and Judith Tick)
broome street bar
census (feeding frenzy)
cheese round
Christian Music. PDFs of the four large post cards, front and back, in collaboration with Laura Grey.
Christian Music (2-part). Pencil sketch for full edition of 2- and 4- part rounds (originals above, available from me or Frog Peak Music)
common things
concert report
The Dan Factor (a timely permutation round in slendro)
detritus haikus
Don't tidy up! Text by Sarah Lloyd. Version 2
#[DoWhat?AllYes/No?(ok)Back] (an ASL loan sign round for signers in 5 parts)
emoroundicon (with compassionate hocket)
extra innings (for david mahler)
Five Ostrava Rounds (confession; sisterhood; halda; clumpiness; 329)
Four Pedagogical Rounds for Dan Rockmore
i. prime numbers ii. memorias (too much of a good thing) iii. wonderment iv. intuitionism
Fungimap, a round in four rounds (with underground chorale). Text by Sarah Lloyd (et. al.)
grunt, honk, whistle or quack (chirp 2). Text by Sarah Lloyd, and the chirp 2 site
             ariose choir performance of "Grunt...", 4/7/18, New Music Works, Santa Cruz
hinterlands and accompaniment
historical events
hudson ecclesiastical view
hurry home
It's Difficult Not to Love a Pelican. Text by Sarah Lloyd
Kites in the meadow!
leap second
Leave logs for frogs! Text by Sarah Lloyd
locoRhythmicana (an 8-part round for Nora Jacobson)
los angeles
lullaby for beals. Originally written on the door to beals' room at douglas repetto and amy benson's    apartment (pix). midi file
lullaby for lucia
moving day
music 206
the natural order of things
new york life
notable exception
A Thank You Round (with ground bass) in seven parts for the Runnemede 3-4 Class of Ms. Janet Sweezey
new year's day at joe's (a catch)
oct 3 2009
one more day
Pardalotes, eucalypts, and lerps. Five rounds on texts by Sarah Lloyd.
Pardalotes, eucalypts and lerps
True Bugs
The Smallest and the Lightest
Pardalotes, eucalypts, and lerps (together)
Pedagogy. A round for six singer/guitarists.
reasonable expectations
righteous doodette
round in 4-parts for laura steenberge (2 voices, 2 basses, 1 person)
sage advice!
santa rosa
Saturday, August 4, 2012 (recording by Adrian Chi Tenney)
Scarlet Tanager
self-reflection (a 6 part pedagogy)
singular accomplishment!
µwyh Pws (sof ha'yom) (2/1/13)
Three Lowland Rounds
to do list (catch) (for dan and ann)
tofurkey rounds:
explication (a celebratory round) 2005
yet another round on the subject of tofurkey 2006
in re !tofurkey 2007
another perspective on tofurkey ("dog's breakfast") 2008
toon and jutta live in antwerp (2 singers/harpist, guitarist) 2009 (also see Pedagogy)
transcontinental warren
viiii (for julie hanify)
visibility report
vit (alternate, simpler version) for nora jacobson (2012)
the way down east (for stacey steers)
what to do?. Text by Sarah Lloyd.
y o y o y o (for mike seeger) 2009

Gut Pela Kai Kai (Papua New Guinea pidgin round learned from Andrea Kunder)
Watch Your Feet (contributed by Mary Ann Haagen)
13 rounds written by students in Music 5: Introduction to Music Theory class, Dartmouth, Spring 2008. Rounds by D'Angelo, Floberg, Levine, Dobbin, Pulito, S. Harris, K. Harris, Kim, Gregory, Chang, Victor, Tahaburt, Hoarfrost. Engraved by David Mahler. (For the original copies of these rounds as well as other rounds from the class, go to the class website).
four santa cruz rounds (by students in Music 120, winter, 2012, UCSC)

some thoughts on writing rounds (polansky, mahler)

(if you want a free little book of all these rounds, email me or frog peak— lp)

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