Divisions of the Tetrachord

John Chalmers

(Published by Frog Peak Music)

Edited by Larry Polansky and Carter Scholz
Designed by Carter Scholz

Editor's Introduction (Larry Polansky), Forward (Lou Harrison), Preface (John Chalmers), Acknowledgements
Chapter 1: The tetrachord in experimental music
Chapter 2: Pythagoras, Ptolemy, and the arithmetic tradition
Chapter 3: Aristoxenos and the geometrization of musical space
Chapter 4: The construction of new genera
Chapter 5: Classification, characterization, and analysis of tetrachords
Chapter 6: Scales, modes, and systems
Chapter 7: Harmonization of tetrachordal scales
Chapter 8: Schlesinger's harmoniai, Wilson's diaphonic cycles, and other similar constructs
Chapter 9: The Catalog of tetrachords

A note on this website: This is a set of scans of the original Frog Peak publication from the early 1990s. No editing has been done, nor any attempt to
update the book. (We will post the color cover soon).

Larry Polansky