Morphological Metrics and Morphological Mutation Functions



what is this page about?

The morphological metrics and mutation functions are an on-going interest of mine for the past 25 years. The metrics compute distances between morphologies. The mutations generate new morphologies some distance away from another.

There's been a lot of work done in this area by me, my students, friends, colleagues, etc. This page doesn't try to summarize all of it (or keep up with what people are doing). Just a few references to get started.

The first talk I gave on these was in 1980 ("Morphological Metrics"), which began the Mills Seminar in Formal Methods series. In some way, these notions have been related to much of what I've done over the past twenty-five years, but this page focusses on specific articles, pieces, references.

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a selected list of published articles about the functions


published descriptions of pieces using these ideas

a good description of HMSL

what kind of software exists for this stuff?


A short list of some of the pieces that use the mutations and metrics very directly is:

[most of my scores are available through frog peak music (a composers' collective), but many scores and recordings are on this website as well]

live electronic tape pieces