Larry Polansky

(Note: Phil Burk and I are currently rewriting freeHorn. The previous version, which has been used often in performance, is on this site. When the new one is written, we'll post it here — LP)

freeHorn is a live computer work meant to be performed with live instruments. It's a generalization of a set of my previous works, which I refer to as the "psaltery" set (see below for some links). It's designed so that performers can make their own versions of the piece.

The software is written by Phil Burk and myself.

download the application (1/31/14)
(this is a java .jar file, which should run on any platform)

an in-progress user manual  (INCOMPLETE!!!!)

a few live performance recordings of various versions of freeHorn

Previous pieces in the set:
original handwritten diagram for Psaltery

freeHorn Canon. Some notes for a performance of the piece with 10 trumpets, fretless electric guitar. Enfield, NH, 2006.

notes for performance at the wulf, January, 2010.

notes and materials
for RPI (March, 2011) and Stone (June, 2011) performances

for 3 hour performance, Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA, 6/21/12. (Score has a few typos). Pictures from that performance.
Musicians include Laura Steenberge, Giacomo Fiore, Krystyna Bobrowski (co-composer of the event), Kyle Bruckner, Wendy Reid, LP, Joe Davancens, Ma'ayan Tsadka, Monique Buzarté, Thea Farhadian, Theresa Wong.

stereo, and binaural mix, by David Dunn, of freeHorn, 20 minute version, Stanford University concert, January, 2016, with: LP (fretless), David Dunn (e-violin), Monica Scott (cello), Giacomo Fiore (e-guitar), Kyrstyna Bobrowski (fr. horn), Tom Dambly (trumpet), David Kant (sax), Amy Beal (trumpet)