Macintosh Software and MIDI Music Shareware

Larry Polansky

freeHorn. Standalone software written by Phil Burk and myself, to perform this piece. (This software is written in Java/Jsyn, and should run on any platform).

Cendroid spectral sound file processor program, Macintosh, written in Tom Erbe's Spectral Assistant program. douglas repetto and I wrote it as a little research project.

The standalone MIDI applications or pieces are written in the computer music language HMSL. Anna's Music Box and Eine Kleine ... are now ported to Max/MSP. Note:  These HMSL won't be usable on USB macs, sorry, and at this point (2/06) they're pretty much dead (unless you have a serial port mac around), so these downloads (except for the new ports to Max/MSP)  are mostly for whatever historical interest they have. Each of these four pieces of software has a manual in MSWord as well for the old HMSL versions.

HMSL is written by Phil Burk, Larry Polansky and David Rosenboom.

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