Anna's Music Box (AMB)

MIDI Music Freeware
Larry Polansky

NEW Max/MSP standalone version by Charles DeTar

Version for Milan installation, by douglas repetto, with self-modifying features (useful for just leaving it running for a long time)

Anna's Music Box (AMB) is a MIDI application for kids. (old HMSL version). This version is August, 1997, but the manual may be useful (HMSL no longer supported).

This software required a Macintosh, a MIDI interface, and any MIDI synthesizer. There's a manual and the application in a self-extracting archive. This manual will be helpful in the new version.

PDF version of the old manual.

(screensnap of old hmsl version)

Anna's Music Box was originally written in the computer music language HMSL (by Phil Burk, me, and David Rosenboom).

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