Songs and Toods

for the National Lou Harrison Resonator guitar
in just intonation

for John Schneider
(and, except for 85 Chords, also for standard guitar)

complete score
Songs and Toods
individual parts
title pages, introduction and performance notes
tood: schneidertood and schneidertood alternate version (no beams, stems)
song: Eskimo Lullaby
song: Sweet Betsy from Pike
tood: 85 Chords ("The Historical Tuning Problem")
song: Dismission of Great I
program notes on the pieces
known typos, comments, performance questions

tuning chart for 85 Chords (made by Giacomo Fiore), showing all the ratios on the fingerboard
performance score of 85 Chords showing tunings of sustained instruments (made by Giacomo Fiore)