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The Month of Mae. Lullaby for my grand-niece, Mae Livingfield Polansky.

piensive. Lullaby for Toon Callier, Jutta Toch, and their daughter Pien.

performance practice for doug perkins. Piece written for Twitter. Two versions (one for Twitter, one with more spaces).

A Very Slow Ballad With No Changes for Chuck Wayne

David's Lamentation Over Seattle. 16 voices. 50th birthday present for David Mahler. (David made a triptych of the 1st and only performance)

NyTrt [thirteen]. Solo cello. bat mitzvah present for bekah schweitzer. 6/4/04

Try It Again. Song for David Mahler and Julie Hanify.

one page "haigas"

haiga: Lou and Bill Sail for the East (for Lou Harrison and Bill Colvig)
Hitting the Open Man (for David Pate)
You Can Count on Me Phil  (for Phil Corner)
McDowellMusic (for Dave McDowell)
In Review: Philip Corner
Haiga: The World's Longest Melody (excerpt) (for John Bischoff and Evangel King)
A Celebratory Haiku for Lou and Bill (1982)
haiga: duet for dan and ellen bresler (hebrew title) (for their wedding)
haiga for larry wendt (from furnitures #10, 1993)
hanging around in the house, just taking up space (haiga for douglas and amy) (wedding)

very occasional rounds

Sweet Betsy from Pike. Arrangement, for 1 guitar, of RCS arrangement in 22 American Folk Songs

Quartet in F#. Improvisational text-based score written for the Wood St. Orchestra (Zae Munn, Anne LaBerge, Mark Nelson, myself) around 197980, U. of Illinois. Never performed.

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