American Sign Language Poetry

Three essays on American Sign Language, 2013
PAH!: A Quiet Suggestion for the Next Inaugural
("op-ed" style piece, suggesting an ASL poet for the next inauguration)
The Best American Poetry You'll Never Read
(long essay on ASL poetry, with a focus on the problems of translation into English)
Sound Without Meaning, Meaning Without Sound
(A description of class on ASL poetry and performance, Dartmouth College, 2011)

CC2: American Sign Language Poetry and Performance in Translation
Photos, videos of performances, course materials, and other documents for  Dartmouth class, 2011
Guest faculty included:

Patrick Graybill  poet, actor and scholar (with Dennis Cokely as interpreter)
Janet Marcous (Deaf/Blind activist)
Christine Sun Kim (sound, visual and performance artist)
Rene Pellerin (Deaf/Blind storyteller)
Dennis Cokely (interpreter, scholar, teacher, Deaf culture activist)
Peter Cook (poet, performer, teacher) (with Kenny Lerner, as part of the Flying Words Project)
Monique Holt (poet, dancer, director, actor, artist) (with collaborator/interpreter Tim Chamberlain)

Graybill, Cokely, Holt/Chamberlain, and the Flying Words Project gave public performances at Dartmouth's Hood Museum of Art.
Videos of those performances

Festivals, Performances, Talks

"Eye Music": Festival of ASL Poetry and Performance at UC Santa Cruz, 2014