Archival Videos
(update 12/19/15)

Dirk (,) Rodney Concert, Mobius, Boston (Polansky, Plsek, Repetto), Spring, 2000
Tom Plsek, trombone and bhodran
Larry Polansky, guitar
Douglas Repetto, electronics
1. Quasi-paralude IX
2. Cryptomusicon
3. (untitled, based on Irish reel)

Big Sounds, Small Sounds
(David Fuqua). LP, guitar and live electronics. Ava Art Gallery, Lebanon, NH, 199?

New Langton Arts Concert, HMSL Pieces (17 Simple Melodies of the Same Length, Cocks Crow, Dogs Bark..., Simple Actions, B'rey'sheet)
Other performers: Jeanne Parson, Phil Burk, George Brooks, Jody Diamond, Melody Sumner, John Bischoff

Nice videos by Dave Kerr of three american songs with LP (guitars and mandolin) and Laura Steenberge, Santa Cruz, Tannery Gallery, Fall, 2015