Kui Dong, Larry Polansky, Christian Wolff

Trio Picture

Kui Dong, piano
Christian Wolff, piano, percussion, melodica
Larry Polansky, electric guitar (fretless and fretted),  mandolin, live computer.

Kui Dong, Larry Polansky and Christian Wolff are composer/performers who live in the same community in northern New England, teaching together at Dartmouth College. We have played together regularly now for close to 15 years.

Trio began as a group of three friends improvising privately once a week. After about a year we began to perform occasionally, in NYC, San Francisco, in a series of concerts in Beijing, and in a documentary on Christian Wolff for German television. Since then we have done a number of concerts and residencies, but playing together privately remains our main focus.

2012: Trio CD on Henceforth Records (111).

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