two of 51 Melodies band, group of musicians who recorded and first played that piece: LP, Nick Didkovsky, Leo Ciesa, Greg Anderson

soundcheck photos, Tangents Contemporary Guitar Series, LP solo recital, 5/10/14, San Francisco (taken by Amy Beal)

fire organ/guitar live broadcast on kalvos& damien, sometime in 2004 (northfield, vt), as part of a show about Nothing Like Dreaming (with Antoinette Jacobson playing the fire organ, and David Gunn and Dennis Kitsz playing theremins, I believe) (not sure who took these)

photos taken by Joe Davancens at 3-hour performance of freeHorn, Chapel of the Chimes, 6/21/12. (zip archive included). Musicians include Laura Steenberge, Giacomo Fiore, Krystyna Bobrowski (co-composer of the event), Wendy Reid, LP, Joe Davancens, Ma'ayan Tsadka, Monique Buzarté, Thea Farhadian, Theresa Wong, Kyle Bruckmann.

recording session for freeHorn, "Stanford" group: Krystyna Bobrowski (horn), Tom Dambly (trumpet), Monica Scott (cello), LP (fretless e-guitar), Giacomo Fiore (e-guitar), David Dunn (e-violin, and recording engineer), David Kant (sax, computer operator, second engineer), and Pablo Rubio (recording assistant). One additional musician, Amy Beal (piano), arrived after the photos were taken. Photos taken by Sam Cushman, who also assisted. University of California Santa Cruz Concert Hall, 3/22/16.

Paradox, short opera, with Monique Holt (signer), Daniel Goode (clarinet), LP, Tim Chamberlain ("interpreter"), video by Douglas Repetto,  and others. Commissioned by Real Time Opera, Cleveland (Transformer), August, 2013. Text by Patrick Graybill.


cesar bolanos, lima, peru, 12/2008,  (lp in mirror) (photo: Jody Diamond)
phil corner (in reggio, italy) (photo: lp)
malcolm goldstein, visiting in hanover, summer, 2005 (photo: Jody Diamond)
Daniel Goode's Critical Mass performance in Poland, Summer, 2007 (not sure who took them)
lou harrison (not sure who took these, but Bob Hughes is in the picture with Lou)
eric richards,  march, 2008 (photo: david brown)
ezra sims, 12/2010 (photo: lp)
candid of michael byron (and lp), 12/2010 (photo: Amy Beal)

events, etc.

several archives of photos taken by composer/saxophonist/flutist Chiyoko Szlavnics of the recording sessions for Christian Wolff's Exercises, 9/05, near Poggiolo farm, Pozzuolo, Umbria, Italy.
various musicians, christian wolff ensemble, two concerts in madrid, one in nyc (cunningham studio), jan/feb, 2008. musicians for these three concerts included robin schulkowsky, cw, lp, frederic rzewski, michael reisler, robert black, rohan de saram, timoth fain. (some of these are somewhat blurry (taken by me), some are not (taken by rebecca largo), most are cleaned up by jody diamond)

Trio (Dong, Polansky, Wolff) Morelia, Mexico, Oct/Nov 2008, residency (talks, concert)
  concerts by Zwerm (directed by Toon Callier) and LP, April 14 (Logos, Ghent) and April 15 (Q-02, Brussels), 2009
pieces include ii-v-i; Ontslaan; for jim, ben and lou; 34 Chords
Musicians: Larry Polansky, Toon Callier, Jutta Troch, Jeroen Stevens, Matthias Koole, Johannes Westendrop, Bruno Nelissen
Photos (Logos) by Chris Callier. Photos (Brussels).

Music from the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, panel discussion, Dartmouth College, July 7, 2011. Christian Wolff, John King, David Behrman, LP (moderator). Photos by Charlie Dupuy.

Tenney septet, one of the first performances (all by this ensemble), trinity church, Berkeley, 5_25_85. Alexis Alrich (conductor), Paul Binkley, Larry Simon, Doug Hensley, Will Bernard, two other musicians (not shown) (thanks to Eric Smigel for this photo).

HMSL Exhibit, WhiteChapel Gallery, London, Fall 2015. Curated by Luke Fowler. These photos taken by Phil Burk.

Daniel Goode, house concert, Santa Cruz, CA (Irene Herrmann's house, 4/9/16. Performers: DG, LP, Amy Beal, Rory Cowal


great blue heron on car in Hanover (photo: jody diamond)
Charlie Conquest's restoration work pictures on my antebellum Martin parlor guitar


(many more photos of Patrick Graybill, Dennis Cokely, Janet Marcous, Flying Words, Christine Sun Kim, Monique Holt, Ella Lentz, Rosa Lee, and other ASL performers at my main ASL page)

monique holt one-woman show, burlington, vt, 2012

archive of photos of Flying Words Project at Dartmouth.
Peter Cook and Kenny Lerner. 10/11/10. Most  taken by Christine Kim. The performance  produced by LP and Mary Essex, with help from Mellon, Dartmouth, and the Dartmouth Leslie Center for the Humanities. About 150 photos. The poster for the concert is in this directory.

lp photos for use (link temporarily broken)
lp guitar photos for use