Five Questions About a Concert
Music 85

Someone once said it's usually better to ask a question than to answer one. Asking rather than answering can lead to a greater understanding

We will, for the sake of this class, assume that all the concerts we hear are wonderful, fascinating, important, and fertile ground for extended study, repeated listening and contemplation. Let's also agree, again for the duration of the term,  that it's our job to get to the bottom of things, not for the music to necessarily show us that "bottom.".

In other words, the onus is on us to be interested, not on the music to interest us. To paraphrase the composer Herbert Brün, we'll be "interested in the music we do not yet like."

So the goal of this set of assignments is this: to ask interesting, informed, insightful, deep, and discussion-provoking questions about the concerts you attend.

These questions should:
and be:
I encourage you to read the program notes, ask questions to anyone you like, and do any additional research you care to, but I would like the questions, ultimately, to emanate from your own ears, intellect, and curiousity.

They should not:
We'll talk a lot more about this in class, and use your assignments themselves as bases for discussion.

"Trial" questions about ron nagorcka and tim eriksen talks

Questions about other concerts and speakers