Performance Schedule
Music 2
Dartmouth College
Fall, 2007
Instructor: Polansky

(Subject to change)

Final (Full) Week of Class

Monday, November 25th
Bumblebee Waltz, by Karelle Hall
Performer: Karelle Hall

Masterpiece in G Natural by Andrew Gregory
Performer: Armeen Poor

Wednesday, November 27th

The Phantom of the Hop by Kevin Snider
Thunderstorm by Sam Purcell
Performer: Jeannie Lau

Devious, by Armeen Poor
Performers: LP, Karelle Hall

Almost Risen by Meeka Droese
Performer: Andrew Cha

A Ubiquitous Tragedy by Marisa Taney
Performers: Marisa and Armeen

Strong Woman by Kevin Mwenda
Performers: Marisa and Kevin Snider

Beginning of the End by Jeanie Lau
Performer: Jordana Kier

Friday, November 29th
Andhrimnir by Jeffrey Snyder (and second guitarist)
Performer: LP, and...

Conversations with Edward Hopper by Miles Kenyon
Performer, LP

Strike Three by Gabriel Foster
Performers: LP and some singer?

Durga by Nithya Sharma
Performers: Jordana and Nithya

Santulli by Liza Santulli
Performer: Jordana

Waltz for the Condemned by Andrew Cha
Performer: Andrew Cha