Music 105

Graduate Seminar in Electro-Acoustic Music

Dartmouth College

Winter, 2005
Systems of Musical Thought


Schedule (student projects, student led discussions)


Thursday, Jan 7: Organizational class

Tuesday, Jan. 11, Travis Garrison (species counterpoint)
Thursday, Jan 13, more on species counterpoint, discussion of answers to questions, if time, lp introduces form and morphology

Tuesday, Jan. 18, Special guest, Robert Dick (Music dept. musician in residence)
Thursday, Jan 20, Irina Chernova and Eric Lindley, Form and Morphology

Tuesday, Jan. 25, Charlie, Bill, Irina, first presentations.
Thursday, Jan. 27, Owen, Travis, Eric, first presentations

Tuesday, Feb. 3,
Thursday, Feb. 5
Harmony (owen leads)

Feb. 8, Dan Rockmore, guest class
Feb. 10, Charlie leads followup on non-contextual analysis

Tuesday, Feb. 15, Charlie, Bill, Irina, second presentations.
Thursday, Feb. 17,
special guest douglas repetto (also, lecture on his own work, the previous evening)

Tuesday, Feb. 22, Owen, Travis, Eric, second presentations (or)
Thursday, Feb. 24, (maybe second presentations, maybe more on harmony, TBA)

March1, Charlie, Bill, Irina, third presentations.
March 3, Owen, Travis, Eric, third presentations