Music 104
Graduate Composition Seminar
Polansky, Spring, '00

Assignment #6 for Music 104: Live Electronic Piece for another performer

Due, to be performed in class, Tuesday, May 16

The assignment is to write some software/live piece that implements an interesting, unique, and coherent musical idea (or set of ideas) that can be improvised with by another serious electronic musician (in this case, one of your colleagues).

The two performers are Tae Hong and Jonathan, the three composers Iroro, Paul and Andrew.

The software/pieces must be truly live, interactive, and as musically intelligent as you can make them. They should leave a lot of room for the performers to influence the performance results. In other words, the composers design the field of possibilities, and suggest new ones enabled by the technology, and the performers explore those fields. Both performer and machine should be treated as intelligent collaborators.

To truly complete this assignment, the software must require the performer to have a deep understanding of the musical idea and the software. In other words, asking Tae Hong to play bass through a set of delays in MSP doesn't satisfy the intention or goals of the assignment.

Though the following might not generally be applied to live electronic music in general, the object of these particular pieces is specifically to develop a software environment which significantly evolves the way we communicate with machines musically, the way we think of machine musical creative intelligence, and which presents a novel and unusual musical, perhaps musical systems, formulation.