Graduate Composition Seminar
Computer Music
Music 104

Polansky, Spring '00
Dartmouth College

Music 104 will consist of a series of short assignments which explore different compositional forms. The
emphasis in this class will be on doing a lot of different work, and in talking about it. Composers in the
class will be required to complete their pieces under rather strict deadlines. In addition, we will establish a class
website where each piece will be documented.

The general requirements for all pieces in the class are as follows:

1) all pieces must be named
2) all pieces must be in on time
3) all (appropriate) pieces must be handed in on CD
4) all pieces must be "documented" on the web (class website). Documentation includes
notes about the piece, any relevant graphics, screensnaps, scores, code, etc.

Class Schedule

Week 1

Thursday, March 30: Introduction to class. Assignment #1 given: 2-minute work for trumpet and
electronics. Guest, Edward Carroll.

Week 2

Tuesday, April 4: LP
Thursday, April 6: Assignment #1 due (listen in class). Assignment #2 given, 5 pieces
in one week (a complete piece a day).
Week 3
Tuesday, April 11: LP
Thursday, April 13: Assignment #2 due (listen in class). Assignment #3 given, 3-5 minute
collaborative work.

Week 4

Tuesday, April 18: No class (LP away)
Thursday, April 20: Assignment #3 due (listen in class). (No assignment given, break)

Week 5

Tuesday, April 25: LP and Jack Wilson (archisonics/sonitecture). Assignment #5 given (not due for one month)
in collaboration with Studio Arts 66/68. Assignment #4 given (analysis/resynthesis piece)
Thursday, April 27: Guest composer, David Dunn

Week 6

Tuesday, May 2: (Dartmouth Festival of New Musics): reserved class
Thursday, May 4: Assignment #4 due (listen in class)

Week 7

Tuesday, May 9: Guest composer, Pamela Z, Assignment #6 given (live electronic piece, somebody else performs)
Thursday, May 11: Special morning session in CoCo 12 with BMI lawyer Gary Roth on intellectual property and digital media
Week 8
Tuesday, May 16: Assignment #6 due (perform in class)
Thursday, May 18: Guest composer, Carter Scholz

Week 9

Monday, May 22: Guest composer, Mary Roberts (on situationism). Assignment #7 given, situationist task. Sometime in this week, Assignment #5 due (this week)
Thursday, May 25: LP

Week 10

Tuesday, may 30: Final class, Assignment #7 due in class.