Music 104
Spring, 2003

Larry Polansky
Graduate Seminar in Electro-Acoustic Composition
Dartmouth College

General Class Description

This term's Music 104, graduate composition seminar will be a series of, generally, 1-week assignments, each
focussing on a specific topic.Four of the assignments will be designed by the second-year graduate students,
related to their own thesis work, and they will introduce these as assignments by giving a "talk" on their work
(which might or might not be similar to their graduate orals, but should be more or less what one would give
if invited somewhere to talk for an hour about one's work).

In order to accomodate thesis work, and because four of the students (second years) took this class last year with me,
we're going to distinguish, in some cases, between the work done by the first years and the second years (that will be
explained in class). Second year students only need to complete 2 out of assignments 2-6
(canons + second-year assignments), in addition to designing one based on their own work, and leading the
listening/discussion of that project.They may choose which of these two to do based on their own schedule, interest.

All (or most) of the student pieces for this course are archived as mp3s.


(Subject to change as the term proceeds)

Groups for Archi-sonic presentations