selected short, event-specific writings, poems

A Few Words About James Tenney, 10/06, written for A Companion to Slug #13 (Frog Peak Music Newsletter)
(also reprinted in: SEAMUS newsletter;  Pierre Joris' blog;  Open Space 8/9;  The Printing House Festival of New Music Program, November 2006, Sligo, Ireland; MusikTexte 112, Feburary, 2007 (in German).
(heron photo)

poem for ivor darreg
written for darreg's memorial service a few years ago.
poem for lou harrison
ritten after reading Joys and Perplexities.
poem for kenneth gaburo writ
ten upon his passing for a memorial service (later used in the piece called no replacement)
No Replacement

haiku for henry cowell

17 Assignments for Amy Charlotte Benson

haiku for charles dodge

limerick for walter sinnott-armstrong's birthday

a piker(ish) haiku for peg

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