Graduate Composition Seminar (Electro-Acoustic Music)
Spring, 2007
Dartmouth College

This graduate seminar in composition will  consist primarily of a  a series of 1-week assignments, each  focussing on a specific mode of composition. We will listen to all this work in class, and discuss it as a group.

In addition, there will also be a series of guests, talking about their work. We will spend time discussing other people's work, and ideas of composition.


Class Schedule (subject to change)
(This schedule will be updated and filled in week-by-week in response to the class' direction)

Week 1
tuesday, march 27
thursday, march 29
Week 2
tuesday, april 3
thursday, april 5
Week 3
tuesday, april 10
thursday, april 12
Week 4
tuesday, april 17: In class analysis projects
 (wednesday: april 18th, vaughan recital, Keith Rowe)
thursday, april 19
Week 5
tuesday, april 24: listen to all the pieces we haven't gotten a chance to listen to!
thursday, april 26: more of the above, and larry: more on repertoire, compositional ideas
(friday, april 27: Brandeis Concert by grad. students)

Week 6 (New Music Festival)
tuesday, may 1: Barton Workshop visit to class
thursday, may 3: (New Music Festival)

Week 7
tuesday, may 8: Paul Tai, New World Records
thursday, may 10: TBA

Week 8
tuesday, may 15:  Dennis Kitsz, visitor (talking about his music, yearlong commissioning project)
thursday, may 17: TBA

Week 9
tuesday, may 22: TBA
thursday, may 24: Trumpet players here from Montreal to work with grad students (the next day, they're in  Kui Dong's Music 19 class) (they stay to the 25th)

tuesday, may 29: TBA

after class ends
(thursday, june 28th: performance of trumpet pieces at Chosen Vale Trumpet Seminar, Enfield, New Hampshire)

a link to class pieces