Four Voice Canon #8


Date: 1992


Co-composed with Ray Guillette. Based on Nick Didkovsky’s “nerve events” from the CD Beta 14 ok.


Instrumentation: Tape. Software used: HMSL, Tom Erbe’s SoundHack, TurboSynth, Eric Smith’s Mutator. HMSL composed and “realized” the piece via MIDI on some commercial samplers and DSPs.


Sounds: 36 samples: 12 original nerve events, the “chromatic scale”; 12 transformations each by Ray and I.


Elements: Duration, selection of samples from a complex “virtual keyboard,” spatial location (a 2-dimensional grid of 16 locations), pitch inflection, loudness.


Comments: Excerpted on Cuneiform CD, Transforms: The Nerve Events Project. Complete piece on Cold Blue CD.