Four Voice Canon #6 (homebrew sampler)


Date: 1986


Place: Mills College Center for Contemporary Music


Instrumentation: 68000 single board S-100 computer, 2 MB of memory, A/D, D/A converters, 68000 assembly code, early version of HMSL. Generated and performed in real-time.


Sounds: Mill College Frog Pond, Anthony Braxton (baritone sax), Jody Diamond (Central Javanese rebab), Kurzweil 250 sine wave. Each sound about 4 seconds long (2 MB), rising over its duration, with the exception of the frogs (who were not digitally controllable).


Elements: Duration (in number of bytes), starting location in memory (stochastically selected by the computer, higher and higher for each voice)


Comments: "Found sounds" from the Mills soundscape; intentionally raw sampling procedures (no zero-crossing, filtering, smoothing, etc.); reasonably close golden mean ratios. On The Theory of Impossible Melody and Cold Blue CD.



Four Voice Canon #6


(stochastic start times in memory)