Four Voice Canon #5 (percussion)


Date: 1983


Place: Mills College, for William Winant


Instrumentation: Score calls for "organized percussion." Instruments used in recording (skin, metal, tambourine, wood):


Voice 1: large bass drum, large brake drum (courtesy of Lou Harrison), large Egyptian tambourine (courtest of Peter Maund), lowest note of American Gamelan gambang (built by Lou Harrison/Bill Colvig)

Voice 2: low roto-tom, amglocken, low tambourine, temple block

Voice 3: middle-range roto-tom, salad bowl (wedding gift from Laura Daigen), "normal" tambourine, high temple block

Voice 4: highest roto-tom, high amglocken, small tambourine, highest note of gambang


Elements: instrument, duration, two types of accents.


Comments: Orchestrated by LP and WW; 5/4 rhythmic pattern consisting of half-note, dotted-quarter, quarter, eighth. The Theory of Impossible Melody and Cold Blue CD.