Four Voice Canon #18 (“Trio Canon for Christian Wolff”)


Date: 2002.Instrumentation: Indeterminate


Elements: Permuations of four symbols.


Comments: Each of three players for each voice picks two or three symbols, and associates them with a sound or type of sound (resting on the other one or two symbols). For multiple groups at different tempi, or for multi-tracking. In addition, players get solos in the different voices, instead of playing their “lists” (determined by the group). On the Cold Blue CD, four tracks of trios are used (different soloists in each track), at tempo ratios: 6:7:8:9:10.


Written originally for myself (fretless electric guitar), Nathan Davis (percussion), and Ha-Yang Kim (cello and electronics). Recorded and mixed by Miriam Kolar, 2002, released on the Cold Blue CD.