Four Voice Canon #14 (“Kid Canon”)


Date: 2002


Place: New Hampshire


Comments: For kids speaking voices. The recorded version (on Cold Blue CD) uses the voices of my daughter Anna and five or her friends. The four “elements” are the name of the town they live in, the name of their pet, their own name, and the month they were born in. For example, Eliza’s first quatrain is:


Eliza                Hanover             Mr. Stripes        July

Hanover           Eliza                 Mr. Stripes        July

Hanover           Mr. Stripes        Eliza                 July

Hanover           Mr. Stripes        July                  Eliza


Each kid also recorded an “interruption” (favorite book, sport, food, whatever) which was mixed into the piece. Performers: Anna Diamond Polansky (September, Lilly, Hanover), Eliza Polli, Meghan Gallagher (March, Daisy, Enfield), Hester Godfrey (September, Cirrus, Lebanon), Nick Sinnott-Armstrong (May, Riva, Hanover), Saskia Nislow (July, Clara, Lebanon). Tempo ratios (drawn from the click track set in #16) are: Anna (1/1), Eliza (6/5), Meghan (7/5), Hester (5/3), Nick (11/6), Saskia (2/1).


Recorded by LP and Miriam Kolar, produced by Jody Diamond, and released on the Cold Blue CD.