Four Voice Canon #10 (“Four Boys Mannin’”)


Date: 1997.


Place: Dartmouth.


Sounds: One minute Chris Mann “collaboration” soundfile.


Elements: No permutation list used.


Comments: Part of the Frog Peak Collaboriations Project CD, a project I curated in which 60+ composers made pieces out of a one-minute soundfile of Chris Mann reading a text. My pieces on this CD were quickly produced, simple, conceptual works using software and ideas I had developed for other projects. #10 is the simplest, and uses Soundhack in a similar way to #9, except that here the seven versions of the one minute soundfile are simply varied (6:…:12) and overlayed with an exponential crescendo on each, starting at nothing and going to maximum loudness.


Four Boys Mannin’ #10 is on the Frog Peak Collaborations CD and on the Cold Blue CD.