Eine Kleine Gamelan Computer Music 

two versions by larry polansky (february, 2010)
one version by tom erbe (februrary, 2010)

musicians who participated in this project (as performers) include (in no particular order):
drew krause (piano, electronics), alex mincik (saxes), nathan davis (percussion), anne laberge (flute), yuri spitsyn (electronics), nick didkovsky (guitar), larry polansky (guitars, mandolin, electronics), ha yang kim (cello), daniel goode (clarinets), curtis bahn (sitar), tomei hahn (shakuhachi), leslie ross (bassoon), charles detar (software), tom erbe (production), travis garrison (production), sam torrisi (clarinet)

Thanks to Robare Pruyn-Bush, Troy Pohl (recording engineers), Laura Garrison and Alanna Lin of Rensaleer Polytechnic Institute for the residency which made much of these recording possible.

(old announcement of project)

Collaborative Recording Project
Eine Kleine Gamelan Computer Music

Daniel Goode/Larry Polansky

Sponsored by Open Space Web Magazine

Open to all musicians.

In collaboration with Open Space Web magazine, we invite all interested and creative musicians to participate in a recording project:: a CD-length recording of Eine Kleine Gamelan Music by Daniel Goode. The recording will also use Larry Polansky's real-time interactive computer music arrangement of the piece, Eine Kleine Gamelan Music.

We would like your creative contribution to a grand, universal version of many, many mixed parts to be called Eine Kleine Universal Music.

What to do, how to do it...

Score (2 versions)

Example sound files (currently not on the server)

In addition to the score, which includes rules for realization, we have put some sample realizations of the piece by members of Gamelan Son of Lion and some computer realized samples (done by the live HMSL program, see below) which you can either listen to only or add on separate tracks (separable from your own version). These soundfiles are MP3, high resolution, they will download to your drive and you can play them with QT4).

Live HMSL program Larry Polansky's live realization of the piece, which will run on pre-USB Macintosh computers.

Send your materials to Daniel Goode, 167 Spring St., NY, NY 10012,

or Larry Polansky, Box 1052, Lebanon, NH 03766.

Questions, email :

larry polansky

daniel goode