American Sign Language Poetry and Performance in Translation

Dartmouth College, Spring, 2011
College Course 2
Instructor: Larry Polansky
(Dept. of Music)
Mary Essex, instructor, Beginning ASL Lab

(This website contains archival material for the class.)

This class included 7 guest faculty:

Patrick Graybill  poet, actor and scholar (with Dennis Cokely as interpreter)
Janet Marcous (Deafblind activist)
Christine Sun Kim (sound, visual and performance artist)
Rene Pellerin (Deafblind storyteller)
Dennis Cokely (interpreter, scholar, teacher, Deaf culture activist)
Peter Cook (poet, performer, teacher)
Monique Holt (poet, dancer, director, actor, artist)

Graybill, Cokely, Cook and Holt taught the class for one week each, and gave public presentations at the Hood Museum of Art on their work (see the poster for the schedule).
Marcous, Pellerin and Kim taught one class each.

All of the guests interacted with students, faculty, administrators and members of the Dartmouth community in a number of ways.

As part of the class, ASL level I was taught as a weekly lab by Mary Essex.